Organic Herbal Teas

Organic Medicinal Herbal Tea

Arthritis Tea*

horsetail,alfalfa,red clover,dandelion root

Removes toxins and acids from the blood that begin joint debilitation. Lubricates joints and alleviates with anti inflammatory agents. Great calcium supply.

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Chinese Tea Blend*

green tea leaves,oolong tea leaves,yerba mate

Never bitter, this light, great tasting green tea blend is proven to boost metabolism, encourage lean muscle mass and dispose of free radicals. A powerful weight-loss tool and antioxidant. Young Hysson Green tea, OoLong and Yerba Mate blend. Caffeinated.

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Clear Skin Tincture

Anti Viral. Useful for cystic acne and the herpes virus. 1 tsp. per day

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cough and cold liquid antibiotic

Created for small children but adults love it too because of the taste! This organic honey and spirits base  addresses flu and colds, coughing, head congestion and stomach issues. Dosage by body weight. Only 3% alcohol spirits; add to juice or formula for small children. Ingredients: Licorice,mullein, olive leaf, echinacea augustifolia, honey and goldenseal root.

3 oz. flat sided amber glass with locked safety band.

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Crimson Infusion

red raspberry,rooibos,hibiscus,bilberry

Powerful antioxidants for vision, cartilage/bone and proper nerve impulse.

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Flu Shot Infusion*

hibiscus,olive leaf,basil,mullein,yarrow,slippery elm

Your new cold and flu medicine. Chases fever, chills, soothes sore throats and clears up congestion. A natural antibiotic and extra lung protection may be needed. Check out our Lung Clear chest rub!

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Full Moon Tea

red clover tops,yarrow,pau d’arco,peppermint

Arrests hemorrhage and heavy bleeding. Excellent mineral profile for fortifying the blood.

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Half Moon Tea

motherwort,nettle,hibiscus,pau d’arco,alfalfa

Fortifies the reproductive system and provides minerals needed for cycle commencement. Excellent for water retention, PMS and correcting irregularity. Capsules for cramping and pain= Full Moon Caps; supplement page.

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Headache Tea*

oatstraw,red raspberry leaves,scullcap,catmint,basil

Tones digestion and improves circulation. Relaxes the nervous system and cleans up the blood to target pain origin. Great for both vaso-constriction and vaso-dialated conditions.

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Iron Source*

nettle,dandelion leaf,red raspberry

Provides the expectant mother with protein, high iron, vitamins and minerals expertly blended by Mother Nature. Tones the uterus for easier delivery and deters toxemia, excess water retention and third term high blood pressure. Great tea for anemia and vegans too!

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Kid’s Tea Plus*

mullein,hibiscus,red raspberry,yarrow,pau d’arco

Gentle enough for toddlers, this tea rids congestion and colds; including the flu. Effective for asthma, coughing, runny nose, clogged ears and sinuses, diarrhea, eczema and a specific for fungal, bacterial and viral infection.

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Lung Tea*

mullein,sage,coltsfoot,slippery elm,thyme,red raspberry,yarrow

The miracle blend to eradicate congestion, viruses and bacteria. Heals bronchitis and pneumonia with our “wipe-out” inhaler. Rebuilds the lungs and the immune system for future protection.

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Nutritional Tea

dandelion leaf,nettle,alfalfa,chickweed,red raspberry

Improves organ function while providing minerals and protein for balanced blood chemistry. Tones tissue and provides weight loss through its water removal and detoxifying capabilities.

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PM Blend*

passion flower,skullcap,chamomile,wood betony, red clover,motherwort

Rebuilds the nervous system, healing insomnia and internal stress symptoms with systematic use. Non addicting and safe for long-term. Excellent immune boosting tonic/ anti-viral as well.

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Skin Tonic

nettle,olive leaf,chickweed,dandelion root,burdock

Herbal blend to flush the lymph and purify the bloodstream. Gentle tonics encourage timely elimination and detoxified cells, resulting in more beautiful skin.

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Stomactic Tea Blend*

peppermint,chamomile,wood betony,dandelion root and leaf, basil

Addresses colic, nausea, flatulence and poor digestion. Helps eliminate parasites if present. A digestive aid after meals and a relaxing bed time tea as well.

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