Some History

Cynthia grew up a farm girl raising her own animals and vegetables; gathering eggs before school, tilling and harvesting fields after school and reading to small children at her local library on weekends. After receiving her diploma in Sculpture and Chemistry, Cynthia opened a custom made aromatherapy candle studio which blossomed into a pharmaceutical apothecary. Cynthia then embarked upon herbalism and became a practicing Master Herbalist in 2001. For 26 years, Newport Aromatherapy is known for science, purity, compassion and quality. Cynthia’s abilities in Iridology, herbal compound manufacturing, biochemistry, perfume fabrication and anti-aging dietary supplementation are based in verifiable data, jurisprudence and good, old fashioned, farm girl common sense. Meet her in the Newport, RI office/pharmacy or call anytime!

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