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Established 1993. Organic vitamins and teas, active skin care and a vast selection of essential oils and fragrances. Biochemist owned and operated.

Herbs feed, regulate and cleanse the body. They are very high in vitamins, especially in minerals. The organs and glands require these rich sources to function properly. Herbs with these particular elements are going to be beneficial to that organ because it contains the minerals and elements which that organ requires. Any herb may benefit many parts of the body. If the liver is malfunctioning and any herb with iron is taken, the liver will benefit. Any time the liver malfunctions, corresponding parts of the body will malfunction because the liver isn’t doing a good job of purifying the blood. If the liver is strengthened and begins to perform its blood purifying function again, the rest of the body will likewise be strengthened. If the lungs and respiratory system are filled with congestion, healing the kidneys becomes imperative. When bacteria or virus invades, disinfecting applications both internal and topical are designed by nature to prevail.

Herbs are not drugs and they do not provide miracle cures. Herbs can be effective quite quickly however and are very effective in healing situations and as part of a Prevention program. Pure Formulations can assist and correct disaster; inherent nutritive value and Purifying capabilities make supplemental remedies a solution in aiding the body’s ability to Heal itself with full support from an natural source.
Fanatics exist in all fields. Knowledge, understanding, experience and prudence are requisite to your confidence with any Practitioner. Know that science does not lie. Theories, fads and the next best ideas out there are not good enough and Scientifically Proven facts are. Experience and responsibility within a scientific approach is of the utmost importance.
“We are coming full circle to the realization of the value of things in their natural state; and we are weary of the drug situation in our society and seek for those more Natural answers to our Health problems. Herbs reappear on the scene like a breath of fresh air. Herbs are natural, well suited to every condition. They cause no iatrogenic responses. They are food- they act as food; Nourishment to the body. There are no side effects from herbs used wisely. “ Stan Malsrom ND MT

Essential oils are distillations from flowers, green plants and spices. They are concentrated actives and secondary actives utilized in small amounts to protect and disinfect the body and create a clean and pleasant atmosphere. They can be sprayed anywhere and put in every skin care product and cleaning apparatus.

Aromatherapy means that a particular substance processed through the skin or through the nose will affect the Limbic system. This system channels the bioavailable substance to the Bloodstream and the Brain. A synthetic compound is not Aromatherapeutic as it is not Bioavailable; the body does not recognize it as natural or helpful.

Enjoy your wellness program. Have your life and live it too. We are not here to be perfect- we are here to be happy. Enjoy the peace the right plan can provide you. Rely on clean food and water, fresh plants and Herbs, plenty of Spices and exercise and your favorite health provider.