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  • CNS


    Made specifically for nervous exhaustion. Anxiety remedy, heart palpitations, stomach issues. Perfect for all ages including small children. Rebuilds and soothes the nervous system and aggravated parasympathetic response.  This is a gentle, well loved formula. USDA oat straw, chamomile, dandelion root, wild yam and organic motherwort,gotu kola and blue vervain.

  • Rose water-Bulgarian


    Bottled with an atomizer to mist away at your delight! Exclusively ours direct from Bulgaria. Dumata-bozhestven!

  • Spasm (extra strong)


    Insomnia remedy and muscle relaxer. Relieves painful muscle cramps, pinched nerve pain, bulging disk and all sorts of muscular and neuromuscular distress from injury/inflammation/etc.. Rebuilds nervous system and damaged/pinched nerves with Neck held Tight. Excellent magnesium and calcium profile as well. USDA Organic oatstraw, skullcap, cramp bark, valerian, black cohosh.

  • Super Slim


     Garcinia cambodia 60%HCA, matcha green tea, triphala trio, uva ursi, dandelion, fennel Fat burner and appetite suppressant .Metabolizes carbohydrates with its thermogenic properties without jitters or overstimulation. Alkaline. Keeps kidneys and urinary tract healthy while proving relief from water retention and indigestion.