Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends

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  • Cough and Cold Syrup


    3.3 amber glass apothecary cough syrup bottle with tamper proof cap. Delicious and very popular! Physician approved. Administer by the tablespoon-cough, fever, congestion. All ages above age 2. Organic USDA honey,mullein,elderberry,echinacea augustifolia,licorice root,red raspberry,hibiscus,grain alcohol

  • Crimson Infusion


    A delicious tea packed with antioxidants. Remove free radicals, inflammation and feed mitochondria for cellular renewal. High Vitamin C and Manganese content for disks and flexibility. Light berry taste and brews red.

  • Kidney Tea


    USDA Organic and wildcrafted herb blend. Uva Ursi, Shavegrass, Marshmallow root Cleans, heals and treats>swelling, edema, gout symptoms, urinary tract>prostate and bladder issues.

  • Pregnancy Tea Blend


    Red raspberry leaves, nettle, sage  Trimester 1- Manganese dominant multi-mineral blend. Boosts the immune system and settles the stomach. Perfect for nutrition for  creating a healthy diet. Trimester 2-Deters water retention and glucose intolerance. Wonderful mineral supply. Trimester 3-For productive contractions and pain relieving hormone production

  • Green Tea Powder-Ceremonial Matcha

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    Certified organic and stone ground. Essential beverage for anyone with low stomach acid or sluggish digestion. Drink after meals and use in baking.

  • Zoster Defense


    Useful for cystic acne, the herpes virus including shingles and the common cold. 1/2 tsp. 2x per day. 3.3 oz tamper resistant and sealed amber bottle Sarsaparilla, Burdock, Pau d’arco, Barberry, Organic Grain Alcohol, Unfiltered RI Honey

  • Green Tea Organic


    Organic Young Hysson  Never bitter, this light, great tasting green tea blend is proven to boost metabolism, encourage lean muscle mass and dispose of free radicals. Caffeinated. A healthy weight-loss tool packed with antioxidants and protein. 1 lb.jar

  • Kids Tea Plus


    Organic Chamomile, Mullein leaves, Red Raspberry Leaves,Dandelion Leaf,Alfalfa,Hibiscus Brew and serve warm or cold with apple juice to ward off illness and treat head colds, allergy symptoms, ear infection, thrush and sinusitis with a dry cough.

  • Lung Tea*


    mullein,chickweed,elecampagne root,coltsfoot,slippery elm, dandelion root, peppermint The all-ages blend to address coughs both dry and wet. Soothes sinuses and drains stuffy nose, clogged ears and headache. Drink hot for croup and cold for asthma and dry, hacking cough.

  • Nutritional Tea


    USDA American parsley,dandelion leaf,alfalfa,nettle,chickweed,red raspberry,rooibos red bush Improves organ function while providing minerals and protein for balanced blood chemistry. Tones tissue and provides weight loss through its water removal and detoxifying capabilities. Complete multi vitamin in a cup! Choose from one pound coffee bag or 1/2 pound jar.  

  • PM Blend*


    USDA organic chamomile, red clover, scullcap and wood betony Rebuilds the nervous system; high in magnesium and calcium, healing insomnia and internal stress symptoms with systematic use. Great for all ages and anyone looking to correct any adverse symptoms caused by stress or anxiety. 

  • Skin Tea


    Pau d’arco,chickweed,dandelion leaf and root,burdock,parsley,hibiscus Herbal blend to flush the lymph and purify and the bloodstream; resulting in more beautiful skin. Large one pound paper coffee bag or 1/2 pound jar option.

  • Stomactic Tea Blend


    Organic herbs- Peppermint, Chamomile, Dandelion root, Alfalfa, Gentain root, Ginger,Fennel Relieves gas and upset stomach, indigestion, bloat and frequent heartburn relief. Use for cramps, nausea, vomiting and stomach flu-fever.