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  • Angel


    Bergamot,Italian Blood Orange, Gardenia, Chocolate, Cardamom

  • Anxiety Rescue Remedy


    Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Myrrh Very warming and comforting. Relaxes muscle and nerves.

  • Beeswax Candles- Dinner Taper Set of 2

    $30.00 $28.00

    12” beeswax dinner set. Amazing all natural candles made in USA by a wonderful beekeeper and craftswoman.

  • Black Soap-Khana African

    $10.00 $8.00

    A special soap for eczema. Authentic fair trade formulation imported from Africa. No perfumes, dyes or additives. Saponified shea, cocoa pod, honey, aloe and burnt plantain leaf.

  • -(10-25)%

    Clary Sage


    Salvia sclarea Austria Distilled from flowering tops and leaves; stupefying and heady, eases anxiety and nervous tension.

  • -(11-14)%



    Sexy aphrodisiac. Romantic and softly dramatic. Moroccan Rose, Patchouli, White Amber

  • Facial Cleanser


    My cleanser fulfills a desire for a cleanser and toner all-in-one. Nourishes with a unique high percentage aloe vera formula for tightening, healing and protecting the skin. Lathers lightly, leaves a smooth, skin softened feel and will completely remove makeup and sunscreen with eco friendly surfactants for sensitive skin. pH 4.2 Organic aloe vera, Bulgarian rosewater, Irish kelp […]

  • Frenchie


    A natural romantic powdery floral. A chic, light and clean bouquet for t-shirt and jeans.

  • Green Facial Clay

    $15.00 $10.00

    Certified pure Montmorillanite, nothing else added. 2 oz. France  Mix this pure powder with mineral water or our Bulgarian rose water to make the classic mask. Sweep on, let dry a bit, rinse off. Soften with a spray of Crystal Toner;  treat with C Serum Sensitives.

  • Hair Conditioner-Grapefruit


    A moisturizing conditioner to close the surface of the hair for natural-looking hair. Special oils for a healthy scalp and hair growth nutrition. Non-GMO and 80% organic.  Coconut free. This a a silicone free blend for light, silky and smooth hair without build -up or coating the hair. Cetyl Alcohol, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Soybean Oil, Irish […]

  • Shea Butter Bar Soap

    $14.00 $10.00

    Water, glycerine, shea butter, sorbitol, lavender and lemon essential oils. Triple milled and poured at a high temperature to be dense and long lasting. Soft, luxurious lather. Coconut free.

  • -(25-27)%

    Tea Tree Oil


    Melaleuca alternifolia- South Africa Fungal infection-finger and toe nails, cracked heals and hands that won’t heal, purple spots that are itchy and seem to come and go-external use only!

  • -(31-40)%



    A utterly euphoric blend of blood orange, grapefruit, vanilla bean, clary sage and a touch of patchouli. Classic Egyptian-incense aroma.