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  • Antiseptic Hand Lotion


    Wipe Out Blend-eucalyptus-tea tree-marjoram-lavender essential oils, water,ethyl & isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, Vitamin E tocopherols- in our Heavy Duty Spa Lotion.  Bottled in PET plastic bottles with dispenser lids glass 4 oz with pump

  • Anxiety Rescue Remedy


    Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Myrrh Very warming and comforting. Relaxes muscle and nerves.

  • Beeswax Candles- Dinner Taper Set of 2

    $30.00 $28.00

    12” beeswax dinner set. Amazing all natural candles made in USA by a wonderful beekeeper and craftswoman.

  • Black Soap-Khana African

    $10.00 $8.00

    A special soap for eczema. Authentic fair trade formulation imported from Africa. No perfumes, dyes or additives. Saponified shea, cocoa pod, honey, aloe and burnt plantain leaf.

  • -(10-25)%

    Clary Sage


    Salvia sclarea Austria Distilled from flowering tops and leaves; stupefying and heady, eases anxiety and nervous tension.

  • Endocrine Balance


    Promotes a healthy endocrine system and liver with nutritional building blocks for hormone production while also working as complete multi-vitamin. Excellent for increasing fertility or establishing a healthy and comfortable cycle. Useful for teens with irregular cycles or anyone reestablishing their normal hormone levels after birthing or birth control regulation.Organic chaste tree berry, wild yam, […]

  • -(11-14)%



    Sexy aphrodisiac. Romantic and softly dramatic. Moroccan Rose, Patchouli, White Amber

  • Frenchie


    A natural romantic powdery floral. A chic, light and clean bouquet for t-shirt and jeans.

  • Green Facial Clay

    $15.00 $10.00

    Certified pure Montmorillanite, nothing else added. 2 oz. France  Mix this pure powder with mineral water or our Bulgarian rose water to make the classic mask. Sweep on, let dry a bit, rinse off. Soften with a spray of Crystal Toner;  treat with C Serum Sensitives.

  • Magnesium-B Complex


    All ages formula. Highly absorbable magnesium with a complete B Complex profile . Rehabilitating to energy levels, protective of neurological health, immune system strength and blood pressure. Organic Eleuthera root,US sourced bee pollen granules, Irish moss, oatstraw, nutritional yeast

  • Marnier


    Italian Blood Orange, Gardenia, Chocolate

  • Rose Night Cream

    $42.00 $35.00

    Andalou 1000 for Sensitive Skin. Ingredient Highlights and Actives:  Aloe, Sunflower,Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Shea Butter, Rosehip Seed, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Rosewater.

  • Shea Butter Bar Soap

    $14.00 $10.00

    Water, glycerine, shea butter, sorbitol, lavender and lemon essential oils. Triple milled and poured at a high temperature to be dense and long lasting. Soft, luxurious lather. Coconut free.

  • -(25-27)%

    Tea Tree Oil


    Melaleuca alternifolia- South Africa Fungal infection-finger and toe nails, cracked heals and hands that won’t heal, purple spots that are itchy and seem to come and go-external use only!

  • -(17-44)%



    A utterly euphoric blend of blood orange, grapefruit, vanilla bean, clary sage and a touch of patchouli. Classic natural and softly dramatic.  

  • -(16-20)%

    Vapor Rub


    Eucalyptus,Peppermint,Rosemary,Pine Needle in pure Shea butter. All ages topical for the chest and nostrils. Opens airway for allergies, wet cough and pressure from trapped phlegm. Sinusitis relief. Dry, hacking cough- Sports Rub and a warm steam vaporizer. 2.5 oz. glass wide mouth jar or 1 oz. amber plastic jar.