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Many fragrances and any essential oil is attainable that is not listed below and can also be bought in smaller and larger quantities on request.

Aromatherapy – Natural Perfume

Aromatherapy exists for the brain and bloodstream for cleansing, nourishment and clarity. Antiseptic properties of plant and flower essences protect a living organism from harmful disease. God grown flowers, plants, vegetables, spices and fruits supply us with our own needs, naturally. Our aromatheraputic friends smell interesting and stimulate. How could even the most chemically sensitive, bronchial or asthmatic person not want to smell something that not only doesn't kill them but takes away their symptoms? That to me sounds like a sufferer's dream and I personally love, love, love a fragrant rose up my nose.

* All botanicals are organic or mass spectrometer qualified for purity and therefore, 100% natural. They are attained from farmers and experts that know as I know that the best essences haven't been handled by many people. My oils come from the manufacturer and have only touched by our two hands.

* Newport Aromatherapy original accords are completely unadulterated.

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