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  • Acid Relief Remedy


    Neutralize hyperacidity and restore acid/alkaline balance. Indigestion, heartburn, headache including migraines, rosacea. Anti-inflammatory. USDA organic dandelion root, barley grass, bromelain, fennel

  • Acid Relief Tea


    Destroy acids that create indigestion, heartburn and discomfort. Nice treatment for ulcers, atonic tissue and for getting alkaline quickly. dandelion root, chamomile, slippery elm, marshmallow root, red raspberry leaves

  • Adrenal / Thyroid


    Advanced nutrition for depleted adrenals, thyroid, liver and immune system fortification. Consider the cocktail of Cysteine and C Vitamin for the ultimate in Glutathione production. Contains biometric amounts of iron, zinc and selenium to complement the iodine profile. Icelandic kelp with organic pumpkin seed, chickweed, milk thistle, eleuthero root, hibiscus and black walnut hull

  • Adrenal-Thyroid Support Tea


    Fortify your body with building blocks for a healthy endocrine system for natural energy and hormone production. eleuthero root, milk thistle, chickweed, hibiscus

  • Air Ultrasonic Humidifier


    Smart Devil 500 ml two speed humidifier. Essential oils can be added into the water tank. Impressive steam output.

  • Allergy & Hayfever Relief Tea


    Soothe sinus membranes, dry up the runny nose, itchy eyes and post nasal drip even those symptoms accompanied with a scratchy throat-all without chemical antihistamines that can dehydrate unnecessarily. A nice dose of zinc as well. alfalfa, mullein, sage, hibiscus, marshmallow root, elecampagne root

  • Allergy-Sinus-Hayfever


    Breathe easy in minutes! Dries congestion while helping move waste from the bloodstream and lymph. Soothes membranes and clears passages. Antihistamine. Outstanding results. For all ages. organic sage, mullein, marshmallow root, thyme, elecampane root, saw palmetto berry

  • Aloe Facial Cleanser


    Created for sensitive skin individuals who want a deep pore cleanse without being drying. Built-in toners close pores and fight blemishes. Features organic materials and eco- friendly surfactants for sensitive skin. pH 4.4 Ingredients: Organic aloe vera, Organic Bulgarian rosewater, Irish kelp extract, organic coconut vegetable glycerine, disodium cocomphodiacetate(natural saponified coconut fruit), decyl glucoside(sugars+fatty acid […]

  • Amethyst


    A sheer, dreamy berry blend featuring French lavender. freesia, sweet pea and a medley of berry extracts. Natural/Romantic

  • Anabolic Complex


    Balanced hormone with a focus on testosterone manufacture. Perfect for strength and energy, circulation, ED and libido. Contains purifying elements for prostatitis; clearing blockage and bacteria. saw palmetto, red ginseng-panax, maca-Peruvian gelatinized/black in season), epimedium, pumpkin, beet root, dandelion root

  • Anti Inflammatory


    Vasodialators and contricting toners works alternately to release pressure and pain. Cooling-useful for headaches, toothache, sinus pressure, earache, fever. See Neck Held Tight for relief from sciatica, neuralgia-numbness and tingling and back pain. Add Spasm for deeper muscle relaxation;  restless leg syndrome, bulging disks, trigger finger. white willow bark, dandelion root, peppermint, vervain, rosemary

  • Anti-inflammatory for Arthritis & Pain Tea


    Natural aspirin in a cup of tea. Rinse sore joints, brace sore necks and tired hips. A nice blend for headaches. white willow bark,dandelion root, rosemary, chamomile, peppermint

  • Antiviral tincture


    Tea additive. Antiviral treatment for shingles and herpes zoster virus. 1 ounce glass bottle with dropper. 1/2 dropper-full. Add 1-2x per day depending on prevention or intervention of symptoms. sarsaparilla, pau d’arco, burdock, chamomile syrup, passion flower, grain alcohol

  • Anxiety Relief


    An essential oil blend used to calm with nervines and olfactory sedatives for the heart rate and the breathing to get in front of anxiety, anger and frustration. Clary Sage, Ylang Yang, Clove Bud, French Lavender

  • Argan & Grapefruit Conditioner


    All-natural moisturizing conditioner with 5 pH for silky, smooth, manageable hair. Special oils for a healthy scalp and hair growth nutrition. Non-GMO and 80% organic.  Coconut free. Ingredients: cetyl alcohol from palm, virgin organic argan oil, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Irish Sea Kelp Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Cetrimonium Bromide, Dehydroacelic Acid.    

  • Argan Oil- Organic Cold Press


    New investment for me, liquid gold for your scalp straight to you! Small molecular sized oil treatment to feed hair follicles, remove silicone build-up and promote active growth; many times activating even dormant follicles. Pharmaceutical grade rosemary oil creates circulation and gentle exfoliation. 1 oz. cobalt glass with dropper, 2 oz. travel or 4 oz. […]

  • Aromatherapy Top 10 Fragrance Gift Set


    1/4 oz. glass roll-on bottles with chrome caps of our 10 most popular perfumes. Bagged in black velvet. Amethyst, Bella, Cherries In the Air, Linden, Miami, Poppy, Rose Quartz, Signature,Vanilla Bean, White Amber

  • Assam Premium Black Tea


    This Assam is a TGFOP- Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe gem from the Tinsukia district of China. These organic, light golden-tan tips impart depth; a great full-bodied brew that makes the perfect breakfast tea. Milk and sugar are the perfect complementary for this brew if looking for a coffee replacement.

  • B Caps


    Increases milk production for nursing mothers. Gentle digestive aid for baby, prevents colic and gas. So gentle and effective. I hope every nursing mother takes these. Organic fennel, alfalfa, fenugreek, nettle

  • B12 Total Wellness


    Necessary for nervous system health and normal red blood cell production. An integral part in nerve regeneration, repairing damage and addressing neuropathies. Relied on by Lyme carriers, athletes and anyone suffering from a muscle/nerve injury. Balanced with copper and zinc for maximum results. USDA organic dandelion leaves & dandelion root, burdock, kelp, eleuthero root, hawthorne […]

  • B6


    100 mg. 100 count Pyridoxal 5’ phosphate (PLP). Bioavailable, active coenzyme form. PLP is a coenzyme that assists more than 100 enzymes to perform various functions, including the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Superior diuretic for edema and flushing the kidneys while supporting immune function and brain health. 

  • Balance


    Egyptian Geranium, French Lavender and Bergamot. Appreciated by men, women and children. Soothing to the skin and mind while being creating a restorative spa experience right at home.

  • BCAA Lean


    Branched chain amino acids in the 2:1:1 ratio are taken after exercise for muscle recovery and twice per day to repair muscular tear and injury. Used before bedtime to greatly accelerate fat burning. Combining with an exercise routine is a sure-fire way to squeeze out stubborn intramuscular fat when combined with Carnitine 1000. 100 count. […]

  • Beehive candle


    Long burning. Made in USA

  • Beeswax Dinner Tapers


    One pair 12″ tall, standard holder, no carved foot means it will fit in any holder made for tapers. Made with love in Colorado by women beekeepers.

  • Bella


    Our newest floral for home fragrance and woman’s perfume. Fresh and blooming;  very romantic. Not sweet, just sensual and pretty without spice, musk, vanilla or woods. Classic/Natural/Romantic/Gamine

  • Benfotiamine with Thiamine, 100 mg


    60 Ct. Fat and water soluable B1 that is truly bioavailable. Exceptional for nerve pain and research shows protection and treatment for Alzheimer’s. Essential for anyone who loves sugar, carbohydrates and/or alcoholic beverages. Balances magnesium levels and assists in the stabilization of glucose levels in the blood.

  • Berberine Capsules


    Addresses blood in stool and urine, an inflamed colon, diverticulitis, intestinal bacteria, diarrhea >Crohn’s, dysentery, parasites. Cleansing, soothing and corrective. Works as a gastrointestinal antibiotic while calming and healing discomfort and chronic issues. Goldenseal root, yarrow, red raspberry leaf, barberry, fenugreek, slippery elm, cayenne  

  • Bergamot


    Italy Citrus bergamia steam distilled and chemically free

  • Black Ceylon Decaffeinated


    Whole leaf goodness with that familiar black tea flavor that America loves. A simple cup of tea for any time of day with no caffeine. Tea balls are available to make brewing nice and easy and feel free to dry out your leaves on a kitchen towel and reuse once or twice. The leaves really […]

  • Body Brush for wet/dry brushing


    Natural wood with a curved handle and natural bristles. Well-made;  not too hard and not too soft. Useful exfoliation wet or dry. 9″ total length

  • Body Butter


    Shea butter virgin organic is great for addressing skin elasticity; firming up and deeply moisturizing crepey, wrinkled or stretched skin with A, E, F and oleic fatty acids. Nilotica Shea Nut Butter, commonly referred to as Muyao Butter, is extracted by pressing the seeds of a rarer subspecies of shea nut tree, Nilotica, native to […]

  • Bug Repellant


    Tested in the deep woods. Water, propylene glycol, organic grain alcohol and essential oils of pennyroyal and rose geranium. Rub onto hands and pat “zones” onto head/hair, neck, arms, torso, behind the knees, ankles and top of feet.

  • Bulgarian Rose Water Organic


    Useful for all ages to cool the face, set makeup and revive dry skin on the fly. Lifts and tones. Organically grown roses from Bulgaria smell absolutely heavenly!

  • C Serum Sensitives


    Features a glycoprotein from Antarctica that protects the skin from dehydration and promotes keratin. Hyaluronic acid free with a light, elegant, natural glow. This pressed serum is the consistency of a light lotion and great for sensitive faces. Oil soluble vitamin c, ferment extracts and acids perfectly balanced for sensitives looking for an even, smooth […]

  • C-Whole Food Vitamin C

    $13.00 Much more than your average vitamin C supplement. 650 mg. Loaded with bioflavanoids and with A and B Complex, Super oxide dismutase, polyphenolic compounds (ferulic acid, syringic acid, gallic acid, caffeic acid, quercetin and catechin)For those clearing arterial plaque and removing free radicals with an affinity for the cardiovascular system. Great for bruising and broken [...]
  • Calciferol (Vitamin D3) 5000 IU


     Maximizes calcium absorption. Maintains endocrine/hormonal balance, blood clotting issues, poor hearing and nearsightedness. Most known for increasing bone formation and will help muscular and nervous systems with the addition of magnesium. Fish liver oil derived. 60 count

  • Calcium Silica Infusion


    A nutritious herbal tea for the bones, hair and nails. Supportive vitamins and minerals for bioavailability and a complete profile of complementary magnesium and super greens. horsetail, alfalfa, dandelion leaf, oatstraw, pau d’arco, gotu kola

  • Calcium-Silica


    Horsetail Grass, Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Dandelion Leaf, Kelp, Gotu Kola, Pau D’Arco, Black Cohosh Calcium-rich plants with supportive minerals for osteoporosis, post menopausal bone density degradation and repairing broken bones with  a focus on silicon to provide the skeletal system with the ideal ratio of every nutrient needed to completely fortify the skeletal system as well as daily assistance for healthy […]

  • Cardiovascular Formula


    Cholesterol and blood pressure lowering and formulated for increasing circulation. Lubricates and cleans arterial plaque and improves vascular elasticity against hardening of the arteries. Can be taken with statins and blood thinners.  hawthorne berry, nettle, eleuthero  root, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, ginger and peppermint

  • Cardiovascular Tea


    Perfect brew to increase circulation. Strong, elastic vessels, clean veins, circulated capillaries. Cholesterol lowering, blood pressure balancing all in a heart healthy tea. nettle, gotu kola, peppermint, hawthorne berries, tumeric

  • Carnitine-1000 mg.


    L- Ultra pharmaceutical grade. Utilize body fat for energy and increased performance during daily activities and formal exercise. Excellent fat burner and weight loss amino acid.  Cardio performance and heart muscle health. Increases vitamin C absorption and protects cells with its powerful antioxidant capabilities. No stimulants. One capsule on active days. 25 count.  

  • Cartilage and Tissue


    Rehabilitative material for cartilage, connective joints and tendons. Anti-inflammatory agents for swelling, pain and degenerative discomfort. A specific for gout; breaks down proteins while addressing pain and draining swelling. American produced bromelian, flaxseed lipoxygenase enzyme, white willow bark, horsetail, cat’s claw, gelatinized maca root, rosemary, fenugreek, parsley, uva ursi

  • Chai Green Tea-pepper free


    Even if you are not a fan of spices and strong aromatics in your cup, this Chai tea is lighter and breezier on the palate and pairs well with a brioche, croissant or biscuit for a healthy desert combo. Organic green tea leaves, ginger, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom.

  • Chamomile E.O.


    Blue German-Hungary Chamomilla recutita(25%) in apricot kernal seed oil to rest and heal anxiety and address insomnia.  

  • Cherries In The Air


    A sheer and pretty cherry fragrance, youthful and effervescent with a sweet sophisticate sensibility. Gamine/Dramatic Classic



    Cayenne infused Walnut and Rosehip Seed Oil that works as a blood mover to increase circulation; Raynaud’s, varicosities, carotid artery, peripheral neuropathies. Excellent  on the hands and feet under socks and gloves in a cold climate or in the sauna to accelerate metabolic processes.  

  • Citrine


    Here, treating the air is a breeze; all without chemicals as many citrus blends smell like household cleaner. Citrine is so dynamic with its lemongrass and blood orange to create a beautiful scent for your shower time & diffusers for cleansing the air after cooking…even fish dinner! white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, orange and […]

  • Citrulline


    Blood supply to the brain, lowers blood pressure naturally. Essential amino acid for nitric oxide production for muscular injury repair, stomach health and mental acuity. Combine with Anabolic Complex for ED.

  • -(10-25)%

    Clary Sage


    Salvia sclarea Austria Distilled from flowering tops and leaves; stupefying and heady, eases anxiety and nervous tension.

  • CNS


    Made specifically for nervous exhaustion. Anxiety remedy, heart palpitations, stomach issues. Perfect for all ages including small children. Rebuilds and soothes the nervous system and aggravated parasympathetic response.  This is a gentle, well loved formula. USDA organic oatstraw, chamomile, scullcap, gotu kola, vervain, rosemary

  • CoQ10


    Bioavailable softgel-guaranteed pure and non-synthetic. Protects heart and lowers blood pressure. Powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant. 100 mg. 50 count

  • Cough and Cold Syrup


    black sambucus elderberry, black cherry, echinacea augustifolia, mullein, slippery elm, licorice root All ages formula for cough, fever, congestion. Expectorates and dries up excessive congestion in one product. Soothes sinus membranes, congestion headaches, sore throat and digestive upset. Naturally occurring melatonin from black cherry juice for rest and repair. Adults 1-2 tsp. Small children 1/4 […]

  • Crimson Infusion


    Antioxidant tea blend for free radical reduction, vision health, immune system fortification. Also acts as an anti-inflammatory for bulging disks due to its high manganese content. Brews a lovely red color that is great with lemon slices over ice as well as a comforting hot tea. Rooibos, Red Raspberry Leaves, Hibiscus, Elderberries

  • Custom Blend On File


    For customers who have custom aromatherapy blends on file in the Newport shop.  Please provide name on file in the notes at checkout if necessary. Thank you and I look forward to recreating your special signature blend!

  • Cysteine 500 mg. (L form)


    Building block for producing Glutathione. A primary amino acid in the retina and encourages eye health while deterring cloudiness and the degeneration of proteins. Take with 4 Pure Vitamin C.  L-Cysteine reverses lung and brain damage from smoking and side effects experienced by chemotherapy/radiation patients. Has an amazing ability to stimulate hair growth too. 60 […]

  • Dead Sea Fine, Natural Salt


    Excavated in Tel Aviv at Cleopatra’s origin site, our Dead Sea Salt displays the analysis Magnesium-65% and Potassium-30%, and 2% Zinc and B-Carotene. The ion to ion exchange in the skin’s keratin displaces fat and toxins with these minerals. Improve skin texture and tone while removing toxins and free radicals. This is the purest import […]

  • Deep Down Dermis


    Part toner, part exfoliant. Featuring glycolic acid, lactic acid,salicylic acid, papaya and pineapple enzymes, turmeric and algae extracts. Sweep over face and leave on for 1-10 minutes. Follow with a splash rinse.  C Serum Sensitives for brightening and firmness or Rose Sensitive Skin Serum for rosacea afterward for moisture.

  • Depression Series


                               Anxiety relief and appetite repression along with addressing depression;  cleaning receptor sites and rehabilitates the neuromuscular junction. Excellent for ATP production and neurological balance. Pure L Phenylalanine amino acid (no DL) Renowned for treating depression and can be used to successfully to assist in decreasing and eventually replacing […]

  • E Vitamin Oil


    Active and Pure 70,000 IU of Alpha-tocopherol. Tocopherols and Tocotrienols, and each group has 4 homologues, named alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.  All natural and nothing else added. Night time treatment for wrinkles and lips. Heals cuts and rash. For eyelash and eyebrow growth. Vitamin E oil is a secret weapon ingredient in our Lotion- […]

  • Eczema and Psoriasis Soap


    Liquid version-Aromatherapy Shower gel with our blend for dermatitis-8oz and 16 oz Solid Soap Bar-Plantain-Olive-Shea Black Soap Bar-2oz lathers into a soft foam for psoriasis, eczema and rash

  • Egyptian Musk


    For men and women. Unisex Egyptian Musk featuring Indian Sandalwood. This is the true Egyptian Musk of yesteryear with honey notes instead of  the present day synthetic/plastiques. Expect royal Egyptian influence, warmth and a soothing approachability.

  • Endocrine Balance


    Promotes a healthy endocrine system and liver with nutritional building blocks for hormone production while also working as complete multi-vitamin. Excellent for increasing fertility or establishing a healthy and comfortable cycle. Useful for teens with irregular cycles or anyone reestablishing their normal hormone levels after birthing or birth control regulation.Organic chaste tree berry, wild yam, […]

  • Endurance


    Cooling formulation for anyone who runs “hot”. Hot flashes, fever, nausea with flushing, withdrawals, liver heat, alcoholism. Organic peppermint, sage, blue vervain, eleuthero root and red raspberry leaf

  • Eros


    Sexy aphrodisiacs that draw attention; warm and intriguing. Sophisticated and Unisex; many men enjoy this fragrance blended with the Oud featured in this list. Moroccan Rose, Patchouli, White Amber

  • Eucalyptus


    Brazil Eucalyptus globulus Some eucalyptus smells a tad fishy to me. I’m very fussy and this eucalyptus is perfect!  

  • Eyes-Antioxidant Formula


    Absorb free radicals that attack the body and contribute to the aging process!  High concentrations of anthocyanin antioxidants; potent antioxidant enzymes-superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase, and catalase for eye support as well as nitric oxides for increased oxygen supply. Barley Grass, Acai, Alfalfa, Ginkgo Biloba, Beet Root

  • FACE


    Use pre-cleanse for oily skin and after cleansing for drier skin. Organic cold press rosehip seed oil 75% and high linoleic safflower oil 25%. Perfect pre-cleansing to remove makeup and sunscreen. Tocopherol rich essential fatty acids that deliver micro-doses of naturally occuring Vitamin C and Retinoic Acid.

  • Folic Acid-Quatrafolate


    4th generation folate with supportive Leucine and Glutamic Acid. Folic Acid needs to be converted in order to be utilized and conversion rates are low. Quatrafolate is completely bioavailable and highly effective. Pregnancy-Anemia-Thyroid 1000 mcg. 45 ct.

  • Frankincense Seratta


    A special affinity for the respiratory system. A warming, comforting and holy experience for minds and air treatments.

  • French Green Clay


    Certified pure French Montmorillanite, nothing else added. 2 oz. glass luxe heavy bottom jar. France  Mix this pure powder with mineral water or our Bulgarian rose water to make the classic mask. Sweep on, let dry a bit, rinse off. Great for drying up acne from within and erasing pores.

  • French Lavender


    France. Super Blue highest quality. Cultivated above 1000 feet for a beautiful scent and elevated energy. Undiluted and soft-smelling without any bitter notes. Medicinal values: An antisept and nervine; temporarily capable of sedating the nervous system. Breaks fever from the bottoms of the feet.

  • French Lavender Buds


    Super Blue highest quality. Very fragrant and organically grown. Many uses; cooking, crafting, bath time and a classic potpourri for the home and clothing drawers.

  • Frenchie


    A natural romantic powdery floral. A chic, light and clean bouquet for t-shirt and jeans. Smells like a designer house body powder that you are afraid to use too much of because you’ll run out and never have it again.

  • Full Moon Caps


    Women’s pain reliever. Decreases excessive bleeding and cramping. Suggested Usage-Take 3-4 caps for extreme cramping/pain and lay down. May take up to 45 minutes; lay down, fall asleep and wake up without discomfort. Wildcrafted yarrow flowers with USDA Red raspberry leaves, cramp bark, white willow bark, devil’s claw, hibiscus and ginger.

  • Full Moon Tea


     red raspberry, hibiscus, uva ursi, dandelion leaf, yarrow, ginger You new go-to for period cramps and extreme pain, water retention and weight gain, excessive flow and energy depletion, mood swings and hormonal breakouts. I suggest drinking this cold with grape juice. Make a jug of it ahead of time-75% tea, 25% grape-providing iron and anti-inflammatories.

  • Fungal Treatment Oil


    Kill athlete foot fungus, nail fungus, warts and any candid or thrush spots on the body. Can be added to shampoo, shower gels or used in its concentrated form. Magnesium chloride serum, apricot kernel oil, tea tree, helichrysum, myrrh, frankincense.

  • Geranium E.O.


    Pure essential oil for stress, anxiety and especially depression. Excellent bug repellent. Many find this oil to relieve topical dermatitis-i.e. eczema Rose Geranium Egyptian Pelagonium Gravolins

  • Glucose Balance Multi


    Stabilize rising and dipping glucose levels and improve digestion in one essential multi vitamin designed for both diabetics and anyone with fluctuating blood sugar or in need of pancreatic support. Great for menopause and withdrawals. dandelion root, eleuthero root, fenugreek, gentian, gotu kola, cinnamon,cayenne

  • Glucose Balance Tea Blend


    Whether addressing diabetic fluctuation or sipping with dessert, this delicious tea is glucose balancing, glandular support. As healthy as it is satisfying.  eleuthero root, parsley, fenugreek, dandelion root, gotu kola, cinnamon

  • Grapefruit


    USA Citrus paradisi Although I should keep this all to my formulating area for my hair care line, I’m happy to share. Grapefruit pure essential oil is also featured in my Fitness blend for shower gels and in the Citrine essential oil blend. So wonderful for diffusers or to add to your lotion or body oil-just […]

  • Grapefruit Shampoo


    Perfect scalp health and clean hair with essential oils and extracts to stimulate the hair root while the gentlest of cleansers maintain health for premium growth and shine. Ionized filtered water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, apple fruit extract, aloe vera, panthenol, sea kelp, rosemary, grapefruit, argan oil, chamomile, citric acid  

  • Green Tea Young Hyson


    This medium age, long twisted leaf lends a nice earthy taste that is never bitter or with bite. The sunny freshness comes from the pre-rainy season harvest time frame. Wonderful hot or iced.

  • Headache-Allergy Aid


    Essential oil blend reduces pressure and swelling associated with vasodilation, cluster headaches and sinus pressure. Tones and alleviates symptoms. A well-loved staple in our pharmacy! Rosemary, Sage, Lavender

  • Heavy Infection


    Anti-viral. Anti fungal. Shingles, eczema, bacterial infections, cystic acne. Attacks pathogens in the blood and the lymph; useful for acne, flu and colds. Great for zoster simplex with Lysine and Monolaurin. All ages remedy and can be added to some grape or apple juice.  Echinacea augustifolia, mullein, thyme, barberry, sarsaparilla, Somalian Kosher certified myrrh, sage



    USDA barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa, chickweed, dandelion leaf, fenugreek, spinach, chickweed, beet root Excellent multi vitamin profile with superfoods for maximum nutrition and cellular response. An antioxidant blend  to fortify the entire system. Profile focuses on protein, selenium, iodine, iron and zinc, A,C and E, chromium, magnesium and manganese, thiamine, riboflavin and all of the […]

  • Hyaluronic Internal Repair


    Hyaluronic Acid with L Proline. Two items essential for mobility, strength and repair recovery for the joints and connective tissue. 200 mg. 30 count

  • Ibiza


    Cynthia’s all-time favorite for 25 years. Sexy, confident, urban. A sophisticated, fun-loving floral and fruit blend without musk, vanilla or woods. Dramatic/Classic.

  • Intestinal Support


    Primary-Constipation remedy. Herbal toners for peristalsis/ timely elimination and healthy bile secretion. Gentle and very effective without pain experienced from unhealthy laxatives that can be habit forming and destructive. Useful for keeping the system from collecting intestinal wall build-up, parasites and candida with its cleansing and healing capabilities. Barberry, Black Walnut Hull, Cascara Sagrada, Fennel, […]

  • Iron Recovery


    Excellent whole food alternative to ferrous oxide supplementation that can create imbalances and intestinal constipation. A balanced formula to remedy anemia, prolonged antibiotic use or to support vegan lifestyles and the A blood type. nettle, beet root, kelp, dandelion leaf

  • Jasmin


    Beautiful Jasmin essential oil in a grapeseed base for diffusers, bath and body and creating lotions and oils for massage.  1 ounce cobalt glass bottle

  • Kidney Formula


    An important supplement to clean kidney organs and improve the removal of waste, by-products and acids. A good regimen after illness, medication/anesthesia or anyone looking to clean the kidneys and improve lower back pain associated with kidney congestion. For bladder infections, stones, incontinence, cloudy urine, edema and generalized swelling.  A safe diuretic including potassium, vitamin […]

  • Kidney Tea


    alfalfa, horsetail, marshmallow root, parsley, uva ursi. Cleans, heals and treats>swelling, edema, gout symptoms, urinary tract>prostate and bladder issues all with this grassy vegetal.

  • Lactoferrin 100 mg


    An important protein isolated from colostrum. Can be combined with various compounds to create a powerful antiviral. Excellent for Staphylococcus , pneumococcal bacterial and viruses along with digestive system pathogens. 30 count. Please call for a consultation.

  • Lapsang Souchong with China Black


    Premium grade organic Lapsang Souchong black tea from the Wuyi Mountains blended with Ceylon China Black. Full-bodied with a smoky note. Great tea for a salty/spicy mealtime pairing. I love the campfire personality flavor. Note: this leaf can be brewed a few times; just leave out to dry and use again.

  • Lemon


    South Africa Citrus limonum Smells like a freshly squeezed lemon; light and fresh. Amazing.

  • Light Pink or Turquoise Eye Sleep Mask


    Bridal Silk both sides and perfect for lash extensions! Adjustable black strap for comfort.

  • Lime Basil


    Unisex. Similar to Jo Malone but without the mandarin orange. The basil and lime combine to be so crisp and clean, and the greens stand out without the contradictory orange-sweetness.  I add a bit if this to my Eucalyptus oil for the diffuser in the bathroom.  Awesome.

  • Linden


    Tilia Americana France Light and linen-fresh with honey notes. Unisex;  a green hedge flower, side street fragrance. Perfect for the classic sophisticate that demands simple elegance. Reminds me of Newport Historical Hill strolls admiring the landscaping as you smell the privet hedge.

  • Liver-Pancreas-Gallbladder Tea


    Improved digestion for gas, bloating and painful abdominal distention. Flush toxins safely with this delicious blend over time while providing  immediate relief for flatulence and pain. nettle, milk thistle, fennel, dandelion root, ginger

  • Liver/Pancreas/Gallbladder


    Digestive bitters and herbs blended for indigestion and pain, nausea, gas and bloating. Assists the liver, pancreas and gallbladder to operate proficiently over time while providing immediate relief. All ages formula; dosage based on body weight. USDA milk thistle, barberry, dandelion root, blue vervain, gentian, peppermint and fennel.

  • Lotion-Heavy Duty Spa


    Unscented. Great for guys, gals and kids. Silky finish and you’ll be dry from the time it takes to walk from the bath to the bureau. Our premium, organic body lotion featuring A, C and E. Light whip; very gentle and soft and certainly appropriate for all ages. Added peptides renowned in the repair of […]

  • Lung Clear


    Lung Clear is a peppermint and eucalyptus blend to fight virus and clear the lungs of congestion, wheezing and water from pneumonia. Blended for the chest, feet or diffuser application. Not for the face. First aid neccesity! Great in the bath, shower or humidifier.

  • Lung Tea


    mullein,elecampagne root,slippery elm, elderberries, fenugreek, Primary action-expectorant. Helps clear the lungs of congestion, remove the phlegm and everything growing in it. Great for smokers and bronchial damage. Drink hot for croupy-wet and cold for asthma and that dry, hacking cough. apple juice for all ages makes an herbal apple cider

  • Lysine 500-L


    500 mg. Pharmaceutical grade L-Lysine with collagen and Vitamin C for optimum absorption and effectiveness. Excellent for vegans and anyone looking to increase this highly essential amino acid. Extremely useful for controlling L-Arginine levels to suppress encased viruses.

  • Magnesium-B Complex


    All ages formula. Highly absorbable magnesium with a complete B Complex profile . Rehabilitating to energy levels, protective of neurological health and treats peripheral neuropathy, restless leg, et al. Great for the nervous system, cellular functioning and mitochondrial fortification. Irish moss, nutritional yeast, bee pollen ,oatstraw, kelp, tumeric, peppermint

  • Melancholic


    Herbal blend traditionally used for polyps, cysts and tumors. pau d’arco, goldenseal, yarrow, red raspberry, peppermint

  • Men’s Multi


    More than just a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Addresses low pH for a more alkaline bloodstream. Expect great energy, disease prevention, reproductive organ health and function, circulation and hormone production along with better resistance from heartburn. Organic/Kosher Saw palmetto berry, burdock, gotu kola, sarsparilla, dandelion root, pumpkin seed, nettle, rosemary

  • Mercedes


    A fragrance blend appreciated by both men and women. Not spicy-warm, not bitter-cool. A neutral, slightly soapy fragrance that has a sophisticated and urban personality. white amber superior, linden, lemongrass, rose

  • Miami for Men


    Inspired by Versace Eros. Lightly floral and touch of spice creates a sophisticated and all-day wearable fragrance. Very fresh and sexy with light notes of mint, citrus and vanilla.

  • Migraine Remedy


    Essential oil blend to loosen tightened vascular strain. Calms and lightly warms to reduce tightened down tension that induces pain. Excellent for vagus, carotid and jugular too. Peppercorn(black), cypress, fir needle. Apply and let soak in; keep out of eyes.

  • Miracle Hair Mask


    Heavy duty mask to revive dry, chemically treated hair and restore softness and shine. Rehabilitates dry, damaged hair. Excellent at the beach to protect hair from the sun and salt as well as a chlorinated pool if combed through prior to your dip. Plant derived cholesterol-phytosterols, Linden Bud Extract, Lamb Wool Keratin, Argan Oil, Citric Acid, […]

  • Monolaurin Naturally Derived


    Effective against viruses, resistant bacteria, Candida, SiBO, MRSA, Staph and Strep. HSV1 and HSV2 and shingles zoster treatment with Lysine and Citrulline. 60 Ct.

  • Myrrh E.O.


    Myrrh pure essential oil 1/6 oince

  • Myrrh Natural Essential Oil 1 oz.


    Ethiopia. Smooth, round and resinous. Softer than Frankincense. The secret component to our Egyptian Musk -the 1960’s original.

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)


    600 mg. Precursor for Glutathione production. Assists those looking to supplement their diet when limiting cruciferous vegetables and goitrogens. Neurological rehabilitation and biological wellness. Detoxification with a specific for removing aluminum. Used clinically for counteracting side effects of radiation therapy, alcohol and drug withdrawal. Detoxifies pain reliever by-products that can cause liver damage.  Anti-inflammatory 

  • Natural Sea Sponge


    Genuine yellow sponge found from divers in Greece. Approximately 4 1/2” long by 3” wide.

  • Nausea Remedy


    Organic red raspberry leaves and organically grown ginger to settle stomachs, address nausea, vertigo, sea illness, morning sickness and diarrhea if present.

  • Neck Held Tight


    Addresses sciatica and traveling pain; carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy, tingling and numbness. Supports circulation. Anti Inflammatory and Neuro pain relief.   Organic Scullcap, Devil’s Claw, Hawthorne Berry, Blue Vervain, White Willow,Tumeric and Peppermint

  • Nursing Mom’s B Tea


    Sometimes Mommy’s nutrition levels needs a boost, hydration needs improvement, milk production is scanty or possibly needs a better flavor for fussy baby. Blended to be infinitely gentle and health with some digestive help to ward off colic and rashes. alfalfa, fennel, fenugreek, nettle

  • Nutritional-HI PRO Tea Blend


    alfalfa, nettle, dandelion leaf and root, chickweed, red raspberry, burdock, fenugreek A multi vitamin in a cup with an extra dose of L Lysine. Improves organ function while providing minerals and protein for balanced blood chemistry. Purifying and delicious.

  • Oleuropein Olive Leaf Standardized


    Active compound from the olive. 50 mg. A highly effective antioxidant to detoxify organs of free radicals; specifically viral load, viral shedding and die-off. Lessens pain and has potent anti viral support combined with specific antivirals based on your particular profile. 30 count

  • Oolong-low caffeine


    Lightly roasted, curled leaves are the product of partial fermentation. A black and green tea combination that is smooth and full-bodied in flavor. Lower in caffeine than a black tea with all the flavor. Compounds and antioxidants are highly regarded for efficient fat oxidation resulting in lean muscle and the perfect amount of stimulant for […]

  • Oud


    For men. This scent has an outdoor feel as if walking along an Irish moor. Moss, ever so slightly evergreen with an approachable, vanilla Madagascar tonka bean finish. Rare oud, sandalwood, leather, white amber, vanilla bean

  • Panacea


    French Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose. Floral accord for hypertension. Slows heart rate and promotes fuller breathing. Breathtakingly pretty.

  • Patchouli


    Indonesia Pogostemon cablin 5 years old. The older the patchouli, the better the fragrance.

  • Peppermint


    USDA essential oil

  • PM Blend Tea


    Stressors, nervous tension, hypersensitivity, anger, grief- lead to nervous system breakdown. Insomnia, anxiety, nervous exhaustion and emotional distress can settle into any age individual and this tea is for all ages. Drink hot, iced or mix with juice in a sippy cup. chamomile, oatstraw, red clover flowers, scullcap, passion flower, rosemary.

  • Poppy


    Light, pretty-in-pink floral blend with a white amber downdraft. A sheer, natural rendition of Coach Poppy. We all agree it smells WAY better.

  • Pycnogenol with Bioflavonoids


    60 mg Maritime Pine Bark 600 mg Bioflavonoids Free radical scavenger with support for vision, cardiovascular integrity and an increased immune response for metabolic stress.  30 count.

  • Rain


    China Rain and Rain (Original 1960’s Blend) featuring clover, lily of the valley and heather notes blended together which is honestly the perfect Rain scent EVER.

  • Red Rose Buds


    Whole buds and loose petals are dried for a potent fragrance. A beautiful potpourri or infused in the bath for a luxurious soak experience. 4 oz. baggie or 16 oz. jar

  • Respiratory-Expectorant


    Anti-catarrh herbs are exceptional expectorants that break up congestion throughout the entire body with a direct focus on bronchial obstruction, COPD symptoms, asthma, bronchitis and chronic phlegm. elecampagne root, mullein, thyme, horseradish, fenugreek, black pepper, aniseed

  • Resveratrol with Pycnogenol and Polyphenols


    30 count bottle Resveratrol 200 mg. Pycnogenol (standardized Maritime pine bark extract) 50 mg. Polyphenols 25 mg Proanthocyandins 25 mg per one cap serving premium antioxidant with supportive properties-call Cynthia for assistance

  • Rose Absolute


    Morocco Rosa damascena 10% dilution in grapeseed carrier oil Smelling rose oils can be a dramatic experience. I am very fussy and rose oil drives me crazy. There are so many bad smelling rose oils. Trust me when I say this is truly the best smelling rose out there. It smells youthful, not old fashioned […]

  • Rose Quartz


    Grapefruit and Tea Rose makes for bombshell awesome. This fragrance smells so good you will do a dance. Wonderful for girls, teens, ladies and your home diffuser.

  • Rose Sensitive Skin Gel


    Light, oil-free moisture and skin protectant. Created for sensitive skin and rosacea. Signal, carrier and enzyme inhibitor peptides rebuild collagen and inhibit destruction from UV exposure. Takes a couple of minutes to drink in. Suggested Use: AM or PM. Do not layer with Vitamin C or exfoliating acids. Organic non-gmo glycerine, Bulgarian rose water, High […]

  • Rose Water Bulgarian


    Organically grown Bulgarian roses steam distilled into a hydrosol. 2 oz. spray Heavenly spray to tone rosacea flare-ups, refresh skin in dry conditions or to fix powder after application.

  • RRR Remedy


    Alkalize, eradicate and remove fungal overgrowth and fight parasite, candida and thrush infestation. An internal remedy for persistent infections related to a fungal overgrowth and parasites. Auto-immune deficient safe herbal antibiotic blend for all ages. Taken after all meals. Pau D’Arco, Barberry, Black Walnut Hull, Chaste Tree Berry, Thyme

  • RRR Tea


    Rid, remove and restore. A tea blend made specifically for endocrine balance and Candida, thrush, fungal dermatitis. Removes dead yeast and restores pH. pau d’arco, dandelion leaf, elderberries, thyme, sage, burdock

  • Sage Smudge Stick


    Native American New Mexico US 9”length  by 2” circumference can be relit and reused

  • Satin Skin


    Body and massage oil high in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. It soothes sensitive or irritated skin, promotes skin elasticity, fights against free-radical damage and inflammation, and fades acne scars and hyperpigmentation. virgin organic apricot kernel and argan oil, medium chain triglycerides.

  • Shea Butter Bar Soap


    Hand Made. Triple milled and poured at a high temperature to be dense and long lasting. Soft, luxurious lather. Organic. 4oz bar bagged in black velvet.

  • Shu Mei White


    Low caffeine by nature. ShuMei has more body than very fair white teas and therefore is richer in polysaccharides. It has a slightly sweet taste and no grassy undertones. Due to the delicate processing method, Shu Mei has higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins. In Chinese medicine, the shou mei white tea is ‘cold’ […]

  • Signature


    House blend that started it all. Uplifting to the spirit while relaxing the mind. Beautifying while encouraging both confidence and humility. French Lavender and Bulgarian Rose with a hint of violet.

  • Skin


    A men’s fragrance that combines with body odor and sweat to enhance the fragrance. Biochemistry in fragrance at its best. Lemon Verbena/Moss/Leather.  Light, citrus crisp, urban, natural and masculine.

  • Skin Caps


    Beautiful skin reflects a clean bloodstream.  This herbal compound helps the body eliminate cellular debris, mucus and blood and lymph infection while perfecting blood chemistry. Organic and Kosher Certified ingredients: triphala,echinacea purpurea,burdock,pau d’arco,sage,parsley

  • Skin-Lymph & Blood Infusion


    echinacea purpurea root, chickweed, dandelion leaf and root, burdock,pau d’arco Herbal blend to flush the lymph and purify the bloodstream resulting in more beautiful skin. Kick out pathogens while drinking in a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals.

  • Slimming Caps


    Breaks up deep seated cellular congestion and water retention. Created for the metabolism of toxins and the drainage of fat cells along with the removal of lymphatic stagnation. Cocktail with Cysteine and C Vitamin for a boost of Glutathione for free radical and toxin removal. triphala, milk thistle, parsley, fennel, dandelion leaf, dill, cinnamon

  • Slimming Tea Blend


    Looking to flush intramuscular fat, water retention and improve assimilation for appetite control? This is the infusion for you. Comfortable, gentle effectiveness in a tasty brew. parsley, dandelion leaf, fennel, milk thistle, cinnamon

  • Spasm-Insomnia


    Very effective herbal muscle relaxer. Relieves muscle cramps, pain and tension, anxiety and stress systems including the inability to sleep from uncomfortable pain. Useful to many as an insomnia remedy if taken over time to rehabilitate surface tension build-up. cramp bark, scullcap, passion flower, valerian root,black cohosh, oatstraw, chamomile, tumeric

  • Sports Pain Soak


    Bubble bath and ligament in one. Sports Rub essential oils, anti inflammatories and analgesics in a special soap created to drain swelling from tissue and acid from muscles.  

  • Sports Rub


    Anti inflammatory and analgestic rub and massage oil for sore joints and tight muscles. Exceptional for arthritis, back injury and rheumatic pain. Proprietary blend of essential oils in organic apricot kernel and medium chain triglycerides which contribute to deep penetration due to molecular size, circulation improvements with its warming attributes and anti inflammatory enhancement with a surface […]

  • Super Slim


    Themogenic combination increases the mobilization and utilization of fat for oxidation/fat burning potential. Caffeinated. Excellent for metabolism and removing congestion that inhibits great cellular metabolism. Burn fat, utilize carbohydrates quicker, decrease overall mucus and increase intestinal motility without laxatives. I am happy to create an exact protocol for you describing food lists, items and combinations to […]

  • Tea Ball Infuser


    Spring loaded style squeezable handle-7” in length with 1 1/2” ball. One piece travels well in a purse. No assembly required. Boxed.

  • Tea for Dinner


    chamomile,parsley, dandelion leaf and root, fennel, cinnamon stick Rest and digest. Great hot or iced. Elevate your mojito! Wonderful for children mixed with apple juice to make an herbal apple cider.

  • -(25-27)%

    Tea Tree Oil


    Melaleuca alternifolia- South Africa Fungal infection-finger and toe nails, cracked heals and hands that won’t heal, purple spots that are itchy and seem to come and go-external use only!

  • Thinker’s Formula


    My favorite herbal blend. Oxygenates the brain and bloodstream. Improves focus and has a remarkable effect on mental acuity. Creates and aerobic atmosphere within the cells and bloodstream with some antiviral capabilities. Shingles prevention. Excellent multi-mineral profile. Organic Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Peppermint, Sage, Oatstraw, Red Raspberry

  • Thinker’s Tea


    Oxygen for the brain and bloodstream with nutrients for mental acuteness and memory. The internal aerobic environment you want for brain health and happy cells. Say goodbye to brain fog! gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, peppermint, oatstraw, sage

  • Ulcer-Hernia-Prolapsus


    Atonic and loose tissue, infected and inflamed tissue, fallen and torn tissue. Protruding muscle and bleeding, infection, abdominal fluid and ongoing problems can be treated at any stage and resolved in many cases not at the chronic stage with this combination. Cleans, heals and corrects. red raspberry leaf, slippery elm, marshmallow root, black walnut hull, […]

  • Vanilla Bean


    A blend of Madagascar vanilla bean and nature identical fragrance for a balanced blend with a stable shelf life. Not super sweet or artificial smelling. A customer favorite to blend with middle and top notes or to wear on its own. 

  • Vapor Rub


    Pure Shea butter infused with plenty of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and black pepper oil. A Vicks Vapor Rub replacement for congestion, flu symptoms and cough. Organic. 2 oz heavy glass jar.

  • VasoCare Lotion


    Addresses varicose veins and swelling to relieve pressure and thrombosis. Cooling to the skin with the benefits of a pressure relieving bracer. Made to order. shea butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera, ascorbic acid, bacillus soybean ferment extract,Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, cypress, juniper, peppermint

  • White Amber Superior


    Crisp, unisex. Very aquatic and  mineral with that water and stone essence. Light, sheer and very clean; great for men and women.

  • White Sage Oil


    Sharp and super clean smelling white sage. Bless your home without smudging.

  • Wipe Out


    TRAVELERS MUST-HAVE Eucalyptus, Tea Tree,Wild Majoram Heating and air conditioning vent spray, vaporizer/diffuser, shower and bath additive. Wipe into nostrils, treat hands, feet and neck. Great on your feet too! This blend has been reported to help the lungs, ears, nose and throat when inhaled. Repels and kills bed bugs. Essential for travel, illness and […]

  • Ylang Ylang


    Comoros Island, Africa steam distilled and not chemically extracted. Chemical free. Although useful for slower, deeper breathing and treating anxiety and insomnia, I personally feel it needs to be blended. If you would like a blend made for you-see Panacea on this list.