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  • Antioxidant Formula-Eyes


    Powerfully strong in antioxidants, acai berries and barley grass absorb free radicals that attack the body and contribute to the aging process. Eating foods high in antioxidants supports the body’s ability to combat these free radicals, as well as the damage they cause. Organic Acai also contains the highest concentration of anthocyanins out of any food. […]

  • Cough and Cold Syrup


    3.3 amber glass apothecary cough syrup bottle with tamper proof cap. Cough, fever, congestion. All ages above age 2. Organic USDA honey,mullein,echinacea augustifolia,burdock,ginger,cinnamon,grain alcohol

  • Crystal Facial Toning


    2.5 oz. glass jar-finest grade Himalayan salt bed underground minerals and an empty 2 oz. spray bottle for application Himalayan pink salt’s detoxifying abilities keep skin clean and fresh. The detoxifying aspect is a perfect natural toner; no preservatives or chemicals to aggravate the skin. It is perfect for drawing out toxins while infusing your skin […]

  • Kidney Tea


    USDA Organic and wildcrafted herb blend. Yarrow, Red Raspberry, Dandelion Leaf, Uva Ursi, Pau d’Arco, Slippery Elm Cleans, heals and treats swelling, edema, gout symptoms,varicose veins and thrombosis, urinary tract>prostate and bladder issues. Will address blood in urine if present.

  • Pregnancy Tea Blend


    Red raspberry leaves, nettle, sage  Trimester 1- Manganese dominant multi-mineral blend. Boosts the immune system and settles the stomach. Perfect for nutrition for  creating a healthy diet. Trimester 2-Deters water retention and glucose intolerance. Wonderful mineral supply. Trimester 3-For productive contractions and pain relieving hormone production

  • Sports Bubble Bath


    Soak in our popular Sports Rub essential oils. Beautiful pearlescent soap features arnica as an added benefit to Cynthia’s analgesic and anti inflammatory.  

  • Ulcer-Hernia-Prolapsus


    Back by unanimous vote, this old school blend cleans and heals while toning atonic tissue. Red raspberry leaf, slippery elm, marshmallow root, black walnut hull, dandelion root, chamomile, cayenne.

  • Acid Relief


    Known to neutralize hyperacidity and restore acid/alkaline balance; help digestion and heartburn. Esophageal anti inflammatory.  organic dandelion root, slippery elm, fennel and chamomile.

  • Adrenal / Thyroid


    Advanced nutrition for depleted adrenals, thyroid, liver and can boost immunity. Organic antioxidant blend. Black walnut hull contains no nuts or nut remnants. Icelandic kelp,Irish moss, black walnut hull, eleuthero root, parsley

  • Air Ultrasonic Humidifier

    $30.00 $27.00

    Smart Devil 500 ml two speed humidifier. Essential oils can be added into the water tank. Impressive steam output.

  • Allergy-Sinus-Hayfever


    Breathe easy in minutes! Dries congestion while cleaning wastes from the bloodstream and lymph. Soothes membranes and clears passages. Antihistamine. Outstanding results. For all ages. organic sage, mullein, marshmallow root, thyme, elecampane root, saw palmetto berry

  • Anabolic Complex


    Red Maca Root,Saw Palmetto Berry, Ginseng Root,Epimedium,Beet Root,Astragalus, Garlic  Balanced hormone production with a focus on testosterone. Non caffeine stimulation for strength and energy, circulation and libido. Encourages restful sleep, a healthy liver, and improved blood quality. Specifically designed for prostatitis; clears blockage and bacteria. women-see Resveratrol  

  • Anti-Inflammatory


    Our all-purpose pain reliever. Cooling;  great for inflammation, sore joints and muscles, fever, headache.  Many find this be be superior to NSAIDS. USDA white willow bark, devil’s claw, rosemary, dandelion root,turmeric

  • Archangel


    Green Tea, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Egyptian Geranium Self-actualization through confidence and humility

  • -(14-25)%

    Argan Oil


    Virgin Cold Pressed and Organic. -perfect for body and hair- 1 oz and 4 oz glass bottles 2 oz and 8 oz PET plastic. no scent  

  • Anxiety Rescue Remedy


    Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Cinnamon, Myrrh Very warming and comforting. You can feel your shoulders drop while you smell this blend.

  • Arginine/Orthinine 750’s


    With glutamic acid, citrulline, proline and hydroxyproline. Boosts GHF, immunity and liver function. Use with L-Lysine blend for increased muscle mass, strength and quickened recovery time.

  • -(20-33)%

    Eucalyptus Bath and Body Wash


    Aloe vera, Coconut Fruit Extract, DLS, Eucalyptus, Vitamin E, Arnica, Chamomile, Cherry Bark and Optiphen. organic coconut glycerin, chamomile and white willow bark extracts in a foaming gel. Expect silky, soft skin from minerals and omegas. Eucalyptus is an exceptional pectoral for the lungs and is a perfect addition to your children’s bath and your […]

  • -(20-33)%

    French Lavender Body Wash


    Aloe vera, Coconut Fruit Extract, DLS, Chamomile, Vitamin E, French lavender Essential Oil, Arnica and Cherry Bark Extracts, Optiphen. Expect silky, soft skin from special omegas, minerals and healing moisture while relaxing the nervous system. Gentle and great for all ages.

  • Fitness Shower Gel


    Fitness blend drain excess fluids for a smooth look that leaves you feeling silky smooth. Fitness EO Blend-Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Geranium, Bergamot, French Lavender. Aloe vera, Coconut Fruit extract, DLS, Chamomile, Arnica, Cherry bark, Vitamin E, Optiphen

  • Astaxanthin-Spirulina


    Spirulina/Astaxanthin combination containing Zeaxanthin, lutein, amino acids, B vitamins and potent Cartinoids working as antioxidants to destroy free radicals and protect eye/ retina health. Macular Degeneration, Blue Ray exposure from electronics. 4 caps per day delivers 5 mg. Zeaxanthin, 1 mg. astaxanthin, 5000 IU Vitamin A along with significant vegan protein, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, […]

  • B12 Blend


    Necessary for nervous system health and normal red blood cell production. An integral part in nerve regeneration, repairing damage and addressing neuropathies. Relied on by Lyme carriers, athletes and anyone suffering from a muscle/nerve injury. Balanced with copper and zinc for maximum results.USDA Organic dandelion leaves, dandelion root, burdock, kelp, eleuthero root, hawthorne berry, fenugreek, […]

  • B Caps


    Increases milk production for nursing mothers. Gentle digestive aid for baby, prevents colic and gas. So gentle and effective. I hope every nursing mother takes these.  Organic USDA fennel, alfalfa and fenugreek

  • B6 P-5-P


    40 mg. Coenzymated in the metabolically active form. Responsible for protein metabolism and balancing water and hormone shifts.

  • Balance


    Egyptian Geranium, French Lavender and Bergamot. Soothing to the skin and mind. Useful for mood swings, depression and topically for eczema.

  • Bergamot


    Italy Citrus bergamia

  • Berberine Capsules


    Endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and some tumors. Shrinks while treating infection. See Endocrine Balance formula for hormone balance and production. Addresses blood in stool and urine, an inflamed colon, intestinal bacteria, diarrhea >Crohn’s, dysentery, parasites Goldenseal root, yarrow, red raspberry leaf, dandelion root, barberry, fenugreek, black walnut hull.

  • Body Butter-Liquid Lavender


    Low Melt Blend Khana Gold Shea Nut Butter/Vigin Argan Oil with French Lavender has a non-solid consistency in our tall cosmetic bottles with dispensing lids. Excellent for healing crepey/cracked skin and stretch marks; firms aging or damaged skin and deeply moisturizes and repairs without a long lasting greasy feel while Lavender EO speeds healing and […]

  • Body Butter-Solid & Unscented


    Virgin Organic Khana Gold Shea Butter; solid consistency. Works to heal cracked, dry and very thirsty skin and hair. A silky and sterile personal lubricant choice as well. Oui! 2 oz. glass jar or 16 oz. plastic wide mouth jar  

  • C -Vitamin C with bioflavonoids


    A comprehensive blend of anti-aging acerola, amla, organic rosehips and horseradish. Loaded with bioflavanoids and minerals for 100% bioavailability. Super oxide dismutase antioxidants; clearing arterial plaque and removing free radicals with an affinity for the cardiovascular system. Great for bruising and broken capillaries.Much more than your average vitamin C supplement! Green Acerola, Rosehips,Amla,Horseradish  

  • Calciferol (Vitamin D3) 5000 IU 100 count


    Maximizes calcium absorption. Maintains endocrine/hormonal balance, blood clotting issues, poor hearing and nearsightedness. Most known for increasing bone formation and will help muscular and nervous systems with the addition of magnesium. New 100 count value size

  • Calcium-Silica


     Horsetail, Icelandic Kelp, Pau d’arco Root, Nettle, Oatstraw, Valerian Calcium-rich plants with supportive potassium. A focus on silicon protects the skeletal system and will repair broken bones as well as daily assistance for healthy hair and nails. Amla fruit decongests follicles and speeds hair growth.  

  • First Aid Topical Oil


    Rosehip Seed, Calendula and Helichrysum for rash, burns, surgical incisions, etc.. All ages Use Heavy Infection Oil for oozing or pussy wounds that are infected.

  • Cardiovascular Formula


    Lowers cholesterol, promotes better circulation and the removal of arterial plaque while removing free radicals and encouraging more elastic veins. Raynaud’s disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, peripheral neuropathy. USDA Hawthorne berry, organic spinach, tumeric, milk thistle, dandelion root, cayenne, garlic

  • Carnitine-1000 mg. L form


    Utilize body fat to fuel your day. Excellent fat burner and weight loss amino acid. Pharmaceutical grade. Cardio performance and heart muscle health. Increases vitamin C absorption and protects cells with its powerful antioxidant capabilities. One tablet before exercise. 25 count.  

  • Carrot Seed


    India Daurcus carota

  • Carrot-Chamomile Hair Repair


    Water, Sea Kelp Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Carrot Seed Oil, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Chamomile, Rosemary. Heavy duty moisturizing conditioner repairs burned, overly dry hair. Encourages growth and stops breakage with oils and wheat proteins. Apply to dry hair for a 30 minute treatment. Rinse.

  • Cartilage and Tissue Formula


    Building material for cartilage, connective joints and tendons, tissue and nerve manufacture. Assists in the assimilation of protein while breaking down any built up material causing gout pain. Essential after surgeries to speed tissue healing with amino acids A/O. Removes swelling and is used for gout symptoms, water on the knee, etc. Organic white willow […]

  • Green Tea Powder-Ceremonial Matcha

    $33.00 $24.00

    Certified organic and stone ground. Essential beverage for anyone with low stomach acid or sluggish digestion. Drink after meals and use in baking.

  • Chamomile E.O.


    Blue German-Hungary Chamomilla recutita

  • China Rain

  • Cherries In The Air


    Escada  fragrance house

  • Amber, White Superior


    AKA China Musk

  • Citrine


    Citrine Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass

  • CNS


    Made specifically for nervous exhaustion. Anxiety remedy, heart palpitations, stomach issues. Perfect for all ages including small children. Rebuilds and soothes the nervous system and aggravated parasympathetic response.  This is a gentle, well loved formula. USDA oat straw, chamomile, dandelion root, wild yam and organic motherwort,gotu kola and blue vervain.

  • Conditioner- Grapefruit


    Water,Glycerine,Aloe,Panthenol,Sunflower Oil,Corn Oil,Chamomile Flower Extract,Nettle Extract,Argan Oil, Olive Oil,Betrimonium Methosulfate,Grapefruit,Rosemary,Lavender Condition, soften and add shine while stimulating and feeding follicles with a moderately low pH formula to close each strand of hair for a smooth, polished finish.

  • CoQ10


    Bioavailable softgel-guaranteed pure and non-synthetic. Protects heart and lowers blood pressure. Powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant. 100 mg.

  • Custom Blend On File


    For customers who have a custom aromatherapy blends on file in the Newport shop. Please provide full name.

  • Cysteine 500 mg. (L form)


    Building block for producing Glutathione. A primary amino acid in the retina and encourages eye health while deterring cloudiness and the degeneration of proteins. Take with 4 Pure Vitamin C.  L-Cysteine reverses lung and brain damage from smoking and side effects experienced by chemotherapy/radiation patients. Has an amazing ability to stimulate hair growth too. 100 count  

  • Dead Sea Salt-fine


    Add to bath or use as a foot treatment in your spa. Excellent magnesium, potassium, calcium profile with a touch of iron. Safe for whirlpools. Tightens and detoxifies. Magnesium content surpasses plain Epsom salt in bioavailability due to supportive mineral content. For all ages. 1/4 cup in a full tub. 60oz volume PET large jar […]

  • Depression Series


    Pharma-grade pure amino acids that slowly and safely clean receptor sites of past medications;  rehabilitating transmission. This series crosses the blood-brain barrier to uplift the mind and address depression. 

  • Eczema Oil


    Highly effective serum to heal the flaking, itching and scaly/raised skin. Used on the scalp too. Features a special set of essential oils in a cold pressed Argan and Rosehip Seed oil base.

  • Egyptian Musk II


    Egyptian Musk with lemongrass,sandalwood. Warm, soothing and seductive.

  • Endocrine Boost


    Promotes a healthy endocrine system and liver with nutritional building blocks for estrogen hormone production; excellent for increasing fertility and irregular cycles . Organic chaste tree berry, wild yam, red raspberry leaf, black cohosh, beet root, dong quai 

  • Endometriosis


    Effective for healing lesions and shrinking the cysts that develop while addressing the pain. Anti Inflammatory may also be needed in conjunction for severe pain. Anti cancer blend with supportive zinc.

  • Endurance


    Restore vitality, ensure disease resiliency, encourages steady blood sugar. Fantastic relief from hot flashes. Cools and comforts the entire body for any “hot” condition. Organic peppermint, sage, blue vervain, eleuthero root and red raspberry leaf

  • Eros


    Sexy aphrodisiac. Moroccan Rose oil and Patchouli. Pricey but totally worth it.

  • -(10-13)%



    Brazil Eucalyptus globulus  

  • Facial Cleanser with Peptides


    New and improved!  A soothing, antioxidant face wash for soft skin with refined pores. Low pH with a positive charge for smooth and deeply cleansed skin.  electrolyzed ionic water, rose water, witch hazel, coconut acids, coconut glycerine, agave, aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, lemon, aceytl-tetrapeptide II, glycolic acid(1%), caprylyl glycol.

  • Facial Rosehip Seed


    Certified organic. High concentrations of vitamin C along with A and E. Non greasy, absorbs easily. Excellent for the face and removing eye makeup while encouraging eyelash growth. Great choice for oily, acne prone or sensitive skin. Because of its regenerating and antioxidant effects, rose hip oil is perfect for the recovery process of scars […]

  • Zoster Defense


    Useful for cystic acne, the herpes virus including shingles and the common cold. 1/2 tsp. 2x per day. 3.3 oz tamper resistant and sealed amber bottle Sarsaparilla, Burdock, Pau d’arco, Barberry, Organic Grain Alcohol, Unfiltered RI Honey

  • Fish Oil 600mg


    A very special blend made with ethically raised Sardine and Anchovy fish. Mercury and pollutants are technically non-present in short lived, young fish. Perfect omega profile- DHA 450mg, DPA 100 mg, EPA 50 mg.

  • Fitness


    Grapefruit,Geranium,Lavender,Bergamot. Chronic skin conditions, water retention, sprains; addresses atonic tissue and promotes drainage.

  • Flu/Sore Throat


    Organic USDA Slippery Elm, Red Raspberry Leaves, Mullein, Hawthorne Berries, Yarrow, Hibiscus Sore throats, fever and chills, cough, sinus congestion, circulation, any diarrhea or stomach problems. For all ages; children- drink warm or cold with apple juice. Adults- feel free to add sweetener, lemon, brandy, milk etc.

  • Frankincense Seratta


    This particular Frankincense organic oil has a special affinity for the respiratory system.

  • French Lavender


    Super Blue highest quality. An antisept and nervine; temporarily capable of sedating the nervous system. Breaks fever from the bottoms of the feet.

  • Fresh


    Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Creates cleaner air with its antiseptic capabilities. Fries mold and mildew. Clears allergens. A house necessity.

  • Full Moon Caps


    Cramp formula for PMS. Decreases excessive bleeding and swelling; relieves pain. Take 3-4 caps for extreme cramping/pain and lay down. May take up to 45 minutes but you will fall asleep and wake up without pain.  Wildcrafted yarrow flowers with USDA Red raspberry leaves, cramp bark, white willow bark, devil’s claw, hibiscus and ginger.

  • Geranium

    $18.00$100.00 Rose Geranium Egypt Pelagonium graveolens
  • Glucose Balance Multi


    Alkalizing multi vitamin for stabilizing blood sugar. Healthy digestives, pancreas support and sustained energy. Excellent for diabetics, those without gallbladders and anyone with fluctuating blood sugar. Organic dandelion root, eleuthero root, fenugreek, gentian, gotu kola, cinnamon and cayenne.  

  • grand marnier perfume oil


    Italian Blood Orange and Chocolate

  • Grapefruit


    USA Citrus paradisi

  • Green Tea Blend*


    Organic green hysson tea leaves,oolong tea leaves,yerba mate and alfalfa Never bitter, this light, great tasting green tea blend is proven to boost metabolism, encourage lean muscle mass and dispose of free radicals. Caffeinated. A healthy weight-loss tool packed with antioxidants and protein. One pound coffee bag or 1/2 pound jar option.

  • Hand Sanitizing Lotion


    Sesame oil, Shea butter, Wipe Out Blend-eucalyptus-tea tree-marjoram-lavender essential oils, water,ethyl and isopropyl alcohols. Bottled in PET plastic bottles with dispenser lids glass 4 oz with pump

  • Headache Allergy Aid


    Headache Allergy Aid is Rosemary, Wild Majoram and a hint of Lavender. Rub on temples, neck and nose for incredible symptom relief from congestion, sinus pain and pressure; all ages blend. Loved by both men and women for its herbal and medicinal effects and smell.

  • Heavy Infection


    Our famous antibiotic replacement. Kills virus, bacterial infections and staph. Great for herpes with Lysine and Vitamin C.  All ages remedy and can be added to juice or apple sauce. Somalian Kosher certified myrrh, echinacea augustifolia, mullein, thyme, barberry, anise, sarsaparilla.

  • Heavy Infection Oil


    Myrrh, Frankincense and Helicrysum in a Hazelnut base for external application. This specific treats infection/pus in wounds, boils and athlete’s foot and fungal patches within skin folds. Drying and healing.

  • Helicrysum



    USDA barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, red raspberry, fenugreek, beet root Excellent multi vitamin profile with superfoods for maximum nutrition and cellular response. Helps regulate blood sugar and upholds the vegetarian diet. An antioxidant blend tested to fortify and purify the blood, perfect organ function and oxygenate the bloodstream.

  • Ibiza Hippie


    Escada fragrance house

  • Intestinal Support


    Primary-Constipation remedy. Herbal toners for peristalsis/ timely elimination and healthy bile secretion. Secondary actions-Useful for keeping the system from collecting intestinal wall build-up, parasites and candida. Cleans and heals ulcers and can help retract protrusions-hernia with it’s cleansing and healing capabilities. Barberry, Black Walnut Hull, Cascara Sagrada, Fennel, Pau D’Arco, Chickweed

  • Island


    Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Green Coconut and Blood Orange. An uplifting, beach lovers accord that appeals to youthful minds and bodies.

  • Kids Tea Plus


    Organic Chamomile, Mullein leaves, Red Raspberry Leaves,Dandelion Leaf,Alfalfa,Hibiscus Brew and serve warm or cold with apple juice to ward off illness and treat head colds, allergy symptoms, ear infection, thrush and sinusitis with a dry cough.

  • Kidney Formula


    Say goodbye to water retention and bloat. For bladder infections, stones, incontinence, cloudy urine, edema and generalized swelling.  A safe diuretic including potassium, vitamin C, B6 and calcium. USDA American parsley, marshmallow root, uva ursi, shave grass and barberry.

  • L-Lysine


    500 mg. Pharmaceutical grade L-Lysine with collagen and Vitamin C for optimum absorption and effectiveness. Excellent for vegans and anyone looking to increase this highly essential amino acid. Extremely useful for lowing L-Arginine to suppress the herpes simplex virus.

  • Lemon


    South Africa Citrus limonum

  • Lime-Basil


    Fresh and tangy. Jo Malone concentrate fragrance. So pretty, had to offer this one!

  • Liver/Pancreas/Gallbladder


    Digestion blend for better assimilation; excellent digestive aid! Great for nausea, indigestion, gas and bloating. Assists the liver, pancreas and gallbladder is going their jobs more proficiently over time while providing immediate results. All ages formula; dosage based on body weight. USDA milk thistle, barberry, blue vervain, gentian, peppermint and fennel.

  • Lotion- FIRM UP


    Topical Liposuction! Inches can be reduced drastically. Our heavy duty vitamin E lotion featuring glaucine and lactic acid plus added peptides-Acetyl Tetrapeptide II and soybean ferment extract to decrease fat tissue, fortify mitochondria within the cells and rebuild elastin for taught, smooth, cellulite free skin.  Contains woody scent class essential oils that deodorize while metabolizing fat.  

  • Lotion-Heavy Duty


    Our premium body lotion featuring the finest in anti-aging and nutritive ingredients: Hemp Seed, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe, Chamomile, Optiphen

  • Cornflower Lotion


    Medium weight hand and body lotion with vitamin E and karite oil for super soft skin. Ideal for anyone who suffers from itchy skin and occasional rash or inflammation. Cornflower Extract, Vitamins E-D-A, Karite Oil, Coconut Glycerin, Caster Oil.

  • Lung Clear


    Lung Clear is a peppermint and eucalyptus blend to fight virus and clear the lungs of congestion, wheezing and water from pneumonia. First aid neccesity! Great in the bath, shower or humidifier.

  • Lung Tea*


    mullein,chickweed,elecampagne root,coltsfoot,slippery elm, dandelion root, peppermint The all-ages blend to address coughs both dry and wet. Soothes sinuses and drains stuffy nose, clogged ears and headache. Drink hot for croup and cold for asthma and dry, hacking cough.

  • Magnesium-B Complex-Zinc


    Highly absorbable magnesium with a complete B Complex profile and supportive zinc. Boost immunity, energy levels, encourage glucose balance and neurological health including peripheral neuropathy, restless leg syndrome and cramping. US sourced bee pollen granules, nutritional yeast, farmed and standardized kelp, usda organic oatstraw, wildcrafted eleuthero root, organic pumpkin seed-peppermint-turmeric

  • Makeup Brush Set


    Hello Kitty gift set

  • Men’s Multi


    More than just a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Creates a better balanced pH/better alkalinity bloodstream. Expect great energy, disease prevention, reproductive organ health and function, circulation and hormone production. Organic/Kosher Saw palmetto berry, barley grass, sage, burdock, gotu kola, sarsparilla, wild yam, dandelion root, pumpkin seed.

  • Migraine


    Marjoram with supportive Bergamot, Cypress and Eucalyptus to soothe the peripheral nervous system and tone vascular swelling. Useful for throbbing pains, stomach pain, varicose veins and hypertension. Use on temples, veins, forehead, earlobes, jawline and abdomen. Super concentrated- no carrier oil present.

  • Myrrh


    Concentrated steam distilled essential oil

  • NAC-Acetylcysteine


    Replenishes glutathione stores and reconstitutes receptors damaged or underdeveloped. Alzheimer’s, autism, ADD, progressive epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, drug addiction, destructive Lyme disease, blepharitis. 600 mg. each

  • Nausea Plus


    Motion and sea sickness, stomach bug, radiation sickness, drug withdrawal, pregnancy nausea, indigestion>settle the stomach, temper bile secretion, assist the gallbladder and liver with assimilation while addressing the discomfort. Organic Red Raspberry leaves, Dandelion root, Chamomile, Sage, Ginger, Gentain root