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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Established in 1993, Newport Aromatherapy Tea & Herb conducts organic, phytopharmaceutical manufacturing and therapeutic services. Organic herbal, black, green and white tea, mass spectrometer essential oils and exclusive sourced materials from around the world are of the highest organic quality standards for Cynthia’s blends.

Organic tea, whole food vitamins, pharmaceutical grade supplements, proprietary herbal medicine, cleansers, hair and all-natural skincare; all freshly made. Highest purity mass spectrometer essential oils and natural fragrance grace a large blending and sampling area.

Newport Aromatherapy is a proprietary formula pharmaceutical apothecary. For 31 years, Cynthia is known for purity, compassion, confidence and integrity. Her abilities in Applied Nutritional Herbal Medicine, Chemistry and the Biosciences, Osteopathy, Iridology and Sports Medicine along with manufacturing and fabrication are a direct result of higher education, emotional intelligence and vision.