Certified Organic. Exclusive Formulations and Imports.

Kosher. Non Irradiated.

8”x5”silver mylar long term storage bags. Zip lock, gusset bottom and closed when fresh with a heat seal. 8 oz.

The sample 1/2 oz is 3 tea bags to try.

Infuse with hot water, do not boil. Use a coffee filter, tea ball, French press or infusing tea pot.

Black, green and white teas can be brewed again and again if left to dry.

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  • Acid Relief Tea


    Destroy acids that create indigestion, heartburn and discomfort. Nice treatment for ulcers, atonic tissue and for getting alkaline quickly. dandelion root, chamomile, slippery elm, marshmallow root, red raspberry leaves

  • Adrenal-Thyroid Support Tea


    Fortify your body with building blocks for a healthy endocrine system for natural energy and hormone production. eleuthero root, milk thistle, chickweed, hibiscus

  • Allergy & Hayfever Relief Tea


    Soothe sinus membranes, dry up the runny nose, itchy eyes and post nasal drip even those symptoms accompanied with a scratchy throat-all without chemical antihistamines that can dehydrate unnecessarily. A nice dose of zinc as well. alfalfa, mullein, sage, hibiscus, marshmallow root, elecampagne root

  • Anti-inflammatory for Arthritis & Pain Tea


    Natural aspirin in a cup of tea. Rinse sore joints, brace sore necks and tired hips. A nice blend for headaches. white willow bark,dandelion root, rosemary, chamomile, peppermint

  • Antiviral tincture


    Tea additive. Antiviral treatment for shingles and herpes zoster virus. 1 ounce glass bottle with dropper. 1/2 dropper-full. Add 1-2x per day depending on prevention or intervention of symptoms. sarsaparilla, pau d’arco, burdock, chamomile syrup, passion flower, grain alcohol

  • Assam Premium Black Tea


    This Assam is a TGFOP- Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe gem from the Tinsukia district of China. These organic, light golden-tan tips impart depth; a great full-bodied brew that makes the perfect breakfast tea. Milk and sugar are the perfect complementary for this brew if looking for a coffee replacement.

  • Black Ceylon Decaffeinated


    Whole leaf goodness with that familiar black tea flavor that America loves. A simple cup of tea for any time of day with no caffeine. Tea balls are available to make brewing nice and easy and feel free to dry out your leaves on a kitchen towel and reuse once or twice. The leaves really […]

  • Calcium Silica Infusion


    A nutritious herbal tea for the bones, hair and nails. Supportive vitamins and minerals for bioavailability and a complete profile of complementary magnesium and super greens. horsetail, alfalfa, dandelion leaf, oatstraw, pau d’arco, gotu kola

  • Cardiovascular Tea


    Perfect brew to increase circulation. Strong, elastic vessels, clean veins, circulated capillaries. Cholesterol lowering, blood pressure balancing all in a heart healthy tea. nettle, gotu kola, peppermint, hawthorne berries, tumeric

  • Chai Green Tea-pepper free


    Even if you are not a fan of spices and strong aromatics in your cup, this Chai tea is lighter and breezier on the palate and pairs well with a brioche, croissant or biscuit for a healthy desert combo. Organic green tea leaves, ginger, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom.

  • Cough and Cold Syrup


    black sambucus elderberry, black cherry, echinacea augustifolia, mullein, slippery elm, licorice root All ages formula for cough, fever, congestion. Expectorates and dries up excessive congestion in one product. Soothes sinus membranes, congestion headaches, sore throat and digestive upset. Naturally occurring melatonin from black cherry juice for rest and repair. Adults 1-2 tsp. Small children 1/4 […]

  • Crimson Infusion


    Antioxidant tea blend for free radical reduction, vision health, immune system fortification. Also acts as an anti-inflammatory for bulging disks due to its high manganese content. Brews a lovely red color that is great with lemon slices over ice as well as a comforting hot tea. Rooibos, Red Raspberry Leaves, Hibiscus, Elderberries

  • Full Moon Tea


     red raspberry, hibiscus, uva ursi, dandelion leaf, yarrow, ginger You new go-to for period cramps and extreme pain, water retention and weight gain, excessive flow and energy depletion, mood swings and hormonal breakouts. I suggest drinking this cold with grape juice. Make a jug of it ahead of time-75% tea, 25% grape-providing iron and anti-inflammatories.

  • Glucose Balance Tea Blend


    Whether addressing diabetic fluctuation or sipping with dessert, this delicious tea is glucose balancing, glandular support. As healthy as it is satisfying.  eleuthero root, parsley, fenugreek, dandelion root, gotu kola, cinnamon

  • Green Tea Young Hyson


    This medium age, long twisted leaf lends a nice earthy taste that is never bitter or with bite. The sunny freshness comes from the pre-rainy season harvest time frame. Wonderful hot or iced.

  • Kidney Tea


    alfalfa, horsetail, marshmallow root, parsley, uva ursi. Cleans, heals and treats>swelling, edema, gout symptoms, urinary tract>prostate and bladder issues all with this grassy vegetal.

  • Lapsang Souchong with China Black


    Premium grade organic Lapsang Souchong black tea from the Wuyi Mountains blended with Ceylon China Black. Full-bodied with a smoky note. Great tea for a salty/spicy mealtime pairing. I love the campfire personality flavor. Note: this leaf can be brewed a few times; just leave out to dry and use again.

  • Liver-Pancreas-Gallbladder Tea


    Improved digestion for gas, bloating and painful abdominal distention. Flush toxins safely with this delicious blend over time while providing  immediate relief for flatulence and pain. nettle, milk thistle, fennel, dandelion root, ginger

  • Lung Tea


    mullein,elecampagne root,slippery elm, elderberries, fenugreek, Primary action-expectorant. Helps clear the lungs of congestion, remove the phlegm and everything growing in it. Great for smokers and bronchial damage. Drink hot for croupy-wet and cold for asthma and that dry, hacking cough. apple juice for all ages makes an herbal apple cider

  • Nursing Mom’s B Tea


    Sometimes Mommy’s nutrition levels needs a boost, hydration needs improvement, milk production is scanty or possibly needs a better flavor for fussy baby. Blended to be infinitely gentle and health with some digestive help to ward off colic and rashes. alfalfa, fennel, fenugreek, nettle

  • Nutritional-HI PRO Tea Blend


    alfalfa, nettle, dandelion leaf and root, chickweed, red raspberry, burdock, fenugreek A multi vitamin in a cup with an extra dose of L Lysine. Improves organ function while providing minerals and protein for balanced blood chemistry. Purifying and delicious.

  • Oolong-low caffeine


    Lightly roasted, curled leaves are the product of partial fermentation. A black and green tea combination that is smooth and full-bodied in flavor. Lower in caffeine than a black tea with all the flavor. Compounds and antioxidants are highly regarded for efficient fat oxidation resulting in lean muscle and the perfect amount of stimulant for […]

  • PM Blend Tea


    Stressors, nervous tension, hypersensitivity, anger, grief- lead to nervous system breakdown. Insomnia, anxiety, nervous exhaustion and emotional distress can settle into any age individual and this tea is for all ages. Drink hot, iced or mix with juice in a sippy cup. chamomile, oatstraw, red clover flowers, scullcap, passion flower, rosemary.

  • RRR Tea


    Rid, remove and restore. A tea blend made specifically for endocrine balance and Candida, thrush, fungal dermatitis. Removes dead yeast and restores pH. pau d’arco, dandelion leaf, elderberries, thyme, sage, burdock

  • Shu Mei White


    Low caffeine by nature. ShuMei has more body than very fair white teas and therefore is richer in polysaccharides. It has a slightly sweet taste and no grassy undertones. Due to the delicate processing method, Shu Mei has higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins. In Chinese medicine, the shou mei white tea is ‘cold’ […]

  • Skin-Lymph & Blood Infusion


    echinacea purpurea root, chickweed, dandelion leaf and root, burdock,pau d’arco Herbal blend to flush the lymph and purify the bloodstream resulting in more beautiful skin. Kick out pathogens while drinking in a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals.

  • Slimming Tea Blend


    Looking to flush intramuscular fat, water retention and improve assimilation for appetite control? This is the infusion for you. Comfortable, gentle effectiveness in a tasty brew. parsley, dandelion leaf, fennel, milk thistle, cinnamon

  • Tea Ball Infuser


    Spring loaded style squeezable handle-7” in length with 1 1/2” ball. One piece travels well in a purse. No assembly required. Boxed.

  • Tea for Dinner


    chamomile,parsley, dandelion leaf and root, fennel, cinnamon stick Rest and digest. Great hot or iced. Elevate your mojito! Wonderful for children mixed with apple juice to make an herbal apple cider.

  • Thinker’s Tea


    Oxygen for the brain and bloodstream with nutrients for mental acuteness and memory. The internal aerobic environment you want for brain health and happy cells. Say goodbye to brain fog! gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, peppermint, oatstraw, sage