Herbal Tea Blends

Certified Organic 16 oz clear jar loose leaf

Infuse hot water with a tea ball, French press or coffee pot

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  • Antioxidant Blend-Crimson Infusion


    Antioxidant tea blend for free radical reduction, vision health, immune system fortification. Also acts as an anti-inflammatory for bulging disks due to its high manganese content. Brews a lovely red color that is great with lemon slices over ice as well as a comforting hot tea. Bilberries, Rooibos, Red Raspberry Leaves, Hibiscus

  • Bedtime Sleep Syrup


    German chamomile, cramp bark, passion flower. 2% organic cane sugar with grain alcohol as a preservative. All ages formula. GREAT TASTE!    1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. based on body weight/need    

  • Black and Green Tea Blend


    One pound coffee bag of organic Oolong Black and organic Young Hysson Green for a black tea flavor with green tea antioxidant and calorie burning benefits for lean muscle mass.

  • Cold and Flu Tea


    A delicious tea packed with antioxidants and flu fighting anti bacterials and anti virals All ages tea to drink hot or cold with a great berry taste from hibiscus, red raspberry leaves and elderberries. 12 oz. jar. Organic red raspberry leaf, hibiscus flower, elderberries, mullein, yarrow

  • Cough & Cold Liquid Cough Medicine


    3.3 amber glass apothecary cough syrup bottle with tamper proof cap. alcohol-free Delicious and very popular! Physician approved. Administer by the tablespoon-cough, fever, congestion. All ages above age 2. elderberry,echinacea,mullein,red raspberry,honey,sarsparilla,yarrow,hibiscus,pau d’arco

  • Full Moon Tea


    Yarrow, red raspberry, hibiscus, uva ursi, dandelion leaf and root, cramp bark You new go-to for period cramps and extreme pain, water retention and weight gain, excessive flow and energy depletion, mood swings and hormonal breakouts. I suggest drinking this cold with grape juice. Make a jug of it ahead of time-75% tea, 25% juice […]

  • Kid’s Tea-Allergy Relief Tea


     chamomile, mullein leaves, chickweed, red raspberry leaves, hibiscus AKA Kid’s Tea Drink hot or cold for mucus, congestion, ear infections, headaches from sinusitis, allergy and hay fever symptoms. 50/50 with apple juice for toddler’s juice cups, teenager’s and your husband’s thermos. Makes a nice apple cider!

  • Kidney Tea


    USDA Organic and wildcrafted herb blend. 12 oz. jar. uva ursi, horsetail, marshmallow root Cleans, heals and treats>swelling, edema, gout symptoms, urinary tract>prostate and bladder issues.

  • Lung Tea*


    mullein,elecampagne root,slippery elm,peppermint.pau d’arco,coltsfoot 12 oz. jar. The all-ages blend to address coughs both dry and wet. Primary actions clear the lungs of congestion, growing bacteria, invading viruses and fungal overgrowth. Secondary actions soothe sinus irritation, stuffy nose, clogged ears and post nasal drip. Drink hot for croup and cold for asthma and dry, hacking […]

  • Nutritional Tea


    dandelion leaf, alfalfa, nettle, chickweed, red raspberry Improves organ function while providing minerals and protein for balanced blood chemistry. Tones tissue and provides weight loss through its water removal and detoxifying capabilities. Complete multi vitamin in a cup!  12 oz.

  • PM Blend*


    chamomile, red clover, scullcap, Passion flower, dandelion leaves Rebuilds the nervous system; high in magnesium and calcium, healing insomnia and internal stress symptoms with systematic use. Great for all ages and anyone looking to correct any adverse symptoms caused by stress or anxiety. Contains light aid for digestion and alkalinity for better rest.12 oz. jar

  • Skin Tea


    Pau d’arco,chickweed,dandelion leaf and root,burdock,parsley Herbal blend to flush the lymph and purify and the bloodstream; resulting in more beautiful skin. 12 oz. jar.

  • Stomactic Tea Blend


    peppermint, dandelion root and leaf, chamomile, fennel, dill Relieves gas and upset stomach, indigestion, bloat and pain. Use for cramps, nausea, vomiting and stomach flu-fever for the children. 12 oz. jar.  

  • Tea Ball Infuser


    Spring loaded style squeezable handle-7” in length with 1 1/2” ball. One piece travels well in a purse. No assembly required. Boxed.

  • Zoster Defense


    Antiviral treatment for shingles and herpes zoster virus. 1 capful 1-2x per day depending on prevention or intervention of symptoms. sarsaparilla, burdock, pau d’arco, passion flower, chamomile syrup.