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  • Rose Water Bulgarian


    Organically grown Bulgarian roses steam distilled into a hydrosol. 2 oz. spray Heavenly spray to tone rosacea flare-ups, refresh skin in dry conditions or to fix powder after application.

  • Myrrh Natural Essential Oil 1 oz.


    Ethiopia. Smooth, round and resinous. Softer than Frankincense. The secret component to our Egyptian Musk -the 1960’s original.

  • Migraine Remedy


    Essential oil blend to loosen tightened vascular strain. Calms and lightly warms to reduce tightened down tension that induces pain. Excellent for vagus, carotid and jugular too. Peppercorn(black), cypress, fir needle. Apply and let soak in; keep out of eyes.

  • Headache-Allergy Aid


    Essential oil blend reduces pressure and swelling associated with vasodilation, cluster headaches and sinus pressure. Tones and alleviates symptoms. A well-loved staple in our pharmacy! Rosemary, Sage, Lavender

  • Myrrh E.O.


    Myrrh pure essential oil 1/6 oince

  • Citrulline


    Blood supply to the brain, lowers blood pressure naturally. Essential amino acid for nitric oxide production for muscular injury repair, stomach health and mental acuity. Combine with Anabolic Complex for ED.

  • Pycnogenol with Bioflavonoids


    60 mg Maritime Pine Bark 600 mg Bioflavonoids Free radical scavenger with support for vision, cardiovascular integrity and an increased immune response for metabolic stress.  30 count.

  • Vapor Rub


    Pure Shea butter infused with plenty of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and black pepper oil. A Vicks Vapor Rub replacement for congestion, flu symptoms and cough. Organic. 2 oz heavy glass jar.

  • VasoCare Lotion


    Addresses varicose veins and swelling to relieve pressure and thrombosis. Cooling to the skin with the benefits of a pressure relieving bracer. Made to order. shea butter, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera, ascorbic acid, bacillus soybean ferment extract,Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, cypress, juniper, peppermint

  • Mercedes


    A fragrance blend appreciated by both men and women. Not spicy-warm, not bitter-cool. A neutral, slightly soapy fragrance that has a sophisticated and urban personality. white amber superior, linden, lemongrass, rose

  • Deep Down Dermis


    Part toner, part exfoliant. Featuring glycolic acid, lactic acid,salicylic acid, papaya and pineapple enzymes, turmeric and algae extracts. Sweep over face and leave on for 1-10 minutes. Follow with a splash rinse.  C Serum Sensitives for brightening and firmness or Rose Sensitive Skin Serum for rosacea afterward for moisture.

  • Lactoferrin 100 mg


    An important protein isolated from colostrum. Can be combined with various compounds to create a powerful antiviral. Excellent for Staphylococcus , pneumococcal bacterial and viruses along with digestive system pathogens. 30 count. Please call for a consultation.

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