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  • Mercedes


    A fragrance blend appreciated by both men and women. Not spicy-warm, not bitter-cool. A neutral, slightly soapy fragrance that has a sophisticated and urban personality. white amber superior, linden, lemongrass, rose

  • Diorissimo


    Fashioned after the iconic fragrance, this blend of naturals is reminiscent of a stroll in a field of wildflowers. Florals, grasses and a touch of bitter weeds bloom to create a very natural, very authentic experience for the nose and everyone around.

  • Deep Down Dermis


    Part toner, part exfoliant. Featuring glycolic acid and pumpkin enzyme.  Sweep over face and leave on for 1-10 minutes. Follow with a splash rinse.  C Serum Sensitives for brightening and firmness or Rose Sensitive Skin Serum for rosacea afterward for moisture. Glass bottle.

  • Lactoferrin 100 mg


    An important protein isolated from colostrum. Can be combined with various compounds to create a powerful antiviral. Excellent for Staphylococcus , pneumococcal bacterial and viruses along with digestive system pathogens. 30 count. Please call for a consultation.

  • Oleuropein Olive Leaf Standardized


    Active compound from the olive. 50 mg. A highly effective antioxidant to detoxify organs of free radicals; specifically viral load, viral shedding and die-off. Lessens pain and has potent anti viral support combined with specific antivirals based on your particular profile. 30 count

  • Benfotiamine with Thiamine, 100 mg


    60 Ct. Fat and water soluable B1 that is truly bioavailable. Exceptional for nerve pain and research shows protection and treatment for Alzheimer’s. Essential for anyone who loves sugar, carbohydrates and/or alcoholic beverages. Balances magnesium levels and assists in the stabilization of glucose levels in the blood.

  • Monolaurin Naturally Derived


    Effective against viruses, resistant bacteria, Candida, SiBO, MRSA, Staph and Strep. HSV1 and HSV2 and shingles zoster treatment with Lysine and Citrulline. 60 Ct.

  • Jasmin


    Beautiful Jasmin essential oil in a grapeseed base for diffusers, bath and body and creating lotions and oils for massage.  1 ounce cobalt glass bottle

  • Anxiety Rescue


    Back by request, this essential oil blend calms the nerves with nervines and olfactory sedatives. Slowing the heart rate and the breathing is essential to get in front of anxiety episodes from grief, anger and nervous strain. All ages formula for diffuser and bath time. 1 ounce cobalt glass bottle Clary Sage, Ylang Yang, Clove […]

  • Black and Green Tea Blend


    Caffeine and nutrient rich Oolong black tea with organic Young Hysson green tea and Yerba Mate for a black tea flavor. Compounds and for highly efficient fat oxidation resulting in lean muscle mass while providing nutrition and nervous system engagement

  • Aromatherapy Top 10 Fragrance Gift Set


    1/4 oz. glass roll-on bottles with chrome caps of our 10 most popular perfumes. Bagged in black velvet. Amethyst, Bella, Cherries In the Air, Linden, Miami, Poppy, Rose Quartz, Signature,Vanilla Bean, White Amber

  • French Lavender Buds


    Super Blue highest quality. Very fragrant and organically grown. Many uses; cooking, crafting, bath time and a classic potpourri for the home and clothing drawers.

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