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Andalou Roses Nourishing Lip Mask


Andalou Roses with stem cells for hydration and repair while you sleep. Jar-about 1/2 oz. Made specifically for the lip area and for those too sensitive/ acne prone to use vitamin e oil.    

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Beeswax Dinner Tapers


One pair for 12.00! 12″ tall, standard holder, no carved foot means it will fit in any holder made for tapers. Made with love in Colorado by women beekeepers.

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Beehive beeswax candle


Long burning. Made in USA

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Clary Sage


Salvia sclarea Austria Distilled from flowering tops and leaves; stupefying and heady, eases anxiety and nervous tension.

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Anxiety Rescue Remedy


Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage,Blood Orange,White Sage Very warming and comforting. Relaxes for better focus and stress management. Excellent gift for students or anyone who occasionally feels underwater from stress.

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