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  • Headache-Allergy Aid


    Essential oil blend reduces pressure and swelling associated with vasodilation, cluster headaches and sinus pressure. Tones and alleviates symptoms. A well-loved staple in our pharmacy!

  • Migraine Remedy


    Essential oil blend to loosen tightened vascular strain. Calms and lightly warms and reduces that tightened down tension that creates headache pain. Excellent for vagus, carotid and jugular too. Apply and let soak in; keep out of eyes.

  • Myrrh E.O.


    Myrrh pure essential oil 1/6 oince

  • Myrrh Natural Essential Oil 1 oz.


    Ethiopia. Smooth, round and resinous. Softer than Frankincense. The secret component to our Egyptian Musk -the 1960’s original.