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  • -(33-38)%

    Anxiety Rescue Remedy


    Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage,Blood Orange,White Sage Very warming and comforting. Relaxes for better focus and stress management. Excellent gift for students or anyone who occasionally feels underwater from stress.

  • Balance


    Egyptian Geranium, French Lavender and Bergamot. Appreciated by men, women and children. Soothing to the skin and mind while being creating a restorative spa experience right at home.

  • Bedtime Sleep Syrup


    German chamomile, cramp bark, passion flower. 2% organic cane sugar with grain alcohol as a preservative. All ages formula. GREAT TASTE!    1 tsp. per 75 lbs.  3 oz. pharmaceutical amber glass oblong bottle with phenolic cone lined cap

  • -(17-33)%



    Sexy aphrodisiacs that draw everyone just a little closer; getting that tingly sensation where you instantly feel the hope and joy of being in this moment in time next to something so warm and intriguing. Romantic and soft. Although somewhat feminine, many men enjoy this fragrance blended with the Oud featured in this list. Moroccan […]