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  • Cough and Cold Syrup


    black sambucus elderberry, black cherry, echinacea augustifolia, mullein, slippery elm, licorice root All ages formula for cough, fever, congestion. Expectorates and dries up excessive congestion in one product. Soothes sinus membranes, congestion headaches, sore throat and digestive upset. Naturally occurring melatonin from black cherry juice for rest and repair. Adults 1-2 tsp. Small children 1/4 […]

  • Lung Tea


    mullein,elecampagne root,slippery elm, elderberries, fenugreek, Primary action-expectorant. Helps clear the lungs of congestion, remove the phlegm and everything growing in it. Great for smokers and bronchial damage. Drink hot for croupy-wet and cold for asthma and that dry, hacking cough. apple juice for all ages makes an herbal apple cider