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  • Anxiety Rescue


    Back by request, this essential oil blend calms the nerves with nervines and olfactory sedatives. Slowing the heart rate and the breathing is essential to get in front of anxiety episodes from grief, anger and nervous strain. All ages formula for diffuser and bath time. 1 ounce cobalt glass bottle Clary Sage, Ylang Yang, Clove […]

  • Bedtime Sleep Syrup


    German chamomile, cramp bark, passion flower. 2% organic cane sugar with grain alcohol as a preservative. All ages formula. GREAT TASTE!    1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. based on body weight/need    

  • Panacea


    French Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose. Floral accord for hypertension. Slows heart rate and promotes fuller breathing. Breathtakingly pretty.

  • Rest and Heal Topical


    Anti inflammatory German blue chamomile and French Lavender essential oils for relaxation, anxiety and sleep. Excellent for scars too!

  • Spasm-Insomnia


    Insomnia remedy and muscle relaxer. Relieves muscle cramps, pain and tension, anxiety and stress systems including the inability to sleep. scullcap, black cohosh, cramp bark, oatstraw, chamomile