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  • BCAA Lean


    Branched chain amino acids in the 2:1:1 ratio are taken after exercise for muscle recovery and taken before bed to greatly accelerate fat burning and prevent muscle soreness. Combining with an exercise routine is a sure-fire way to squeeze out stubborn intramuscular fat. 100 count. Women take 3 daily, Men take 6. Leucine 1200 mg, […]

  • Black and Green Tea Blend


    Caffeine and nutrient rich Oolong black tea with organic Young Hysson green tea and Yerba Mate for a black tea flavor. Compounds and for highly efficient fat oxidation resulting in lean muscle mass while providing nutrition and nervous system engagement

  • Super Slim


    Themogenesis supplement increases the mobilization and utilization of fat burning signals (TRPV 1) for oxidation/fat burning potential. Caffeinated. Avoid eating carbohydrates and fats together. Eat your healthy fats with protein and vegetables. A high carbohydrate day twice per week is essential. Limit or avoid sugar. To make the most out of this supplement, I recommend […]