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  • BCAA Lean


    Branched chain amino acids in the 2:1:1 ratio are taken after exercise for muscle recovery and twice per day to repair muscular tear and injury. Used before bedtime to greatly accelerate fat burning. Combining with an exercise routine is a sure-fire way to squeeze out stubborn intramuscular fat when combined with Carnitine 1000. 100 count. […]

  • Oolong-low caffeine


    Lightly roasted, curled leaves are the product of partial fermentation. A black and green tea combination that is smooth and full-bodied in flavor. Lower in caffeine than a black tea with all the flavor. Compounds and antioxidants are highly regarded for efficient fat oxidation resulting in lean muscle and the perfect amount of stimulant for […]

  • Super Slim


    Themogenic combination increases the mobilization and utilization of fat for oxidation/fat burning potential. Caffeinated. Excellent for metabolism and removing congestion that inhibits great cellular metabolism. Burn fat, utilize carbohydrates quicker,¬†decrease overall mucus and increase intestinal motility without laxatives. I am happy to create an exact protocol for you describing food lists, items and combinations to […]