Do you know anyone who has tried to model his
life on someone else, be it a celebrity, a family
member–whoever? They say imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery. I say imitation is the
number one killer of individualism. Be yourself. It’s
who you were meant to be. But people often see
possibilities in others and only limitations in
themselves. If you see a man driving a nice car,
you may want that car, but you have no idea about
what kind of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice he
may have had to go through to enable him to have
a car like that. Sallust, a Roman historian, once
said, “If they envy my distinction let them also
envy my toils.” If you never look beyond the
persona, image, or public facades of anyone who
seems to have the things you aspire to, it’s easy to
feel like everybody’s life is better than yours.
You’re thinking that all you have is struggles,
setbacks, and one obstacle after another. Well,
believe me, the guy with the fancy car has
obstacles of his own. So instead of wishing you
were in the car, you could be tackling the
obstacles that stand between you and that car by
being true to your vision. Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

Courage. Where does it come from? Is courage only found in the big and strong? Is courage for the bullies and the heroes? Is it reserved for the male more than the female and not seen yet in the child?

Courage is trying anything and knowing you might fail and at best realizing you don’t really know how it’s going to go. Hell, you may not even know what you’re doing but you want to try it anyway. Your courage will come from your vulnerability. You’re in the arena, everybody’s watching and you’re probably going to be judged by at least half of them. No matter what happens, you keep trying and doing and believing you have heart. Courage culminates. Keep opening that door; go at a pace that works for you but never think you can’t do it. You don’t know anything until you learn it. Then decide it if it’s right for you. Courage to keep at it, courage to walk away.

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Rehabilitate your brain matter with positive emotions. Neuro plasticity relies on your self love for healing. Remember that who you are is what is on the inside. Feelings and body mass are irrelevant. Your spirit is your defining feature and your best friend because it’s your divine you! Purify your life with positive thoughts and positive words. Make your subconscious work for you, not against you!


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